10 Best Travel Apps For Your Holiday

Planning a holiday is always exciting, especially if you’re visiting a new country. It can sometimes be overwhelming trying to think of everything you need to action and pre-plan before your trip.

Converting currency, packing your suitcase and buying holiday essentials are just some of the many things which cross our minds!

Hopefully you’ll find this article on the best travel apps useful, allowing you to take your mind off the stressful things so you can relax and enjoy your well-earned break.

Here are the top 10 must-have travel apps you need to start using:


10 Best Travel Apps For Your Holiday

Kayak is the must-have travel app for booking your flights and accommodation. Kayak allows you to filter the results by price, number of flight stops, journey length, hotel rating etc. so you can tailor it to your exact preferences. It even advises you if it predicts a price drop and thinks you should wait to book. There are automatic price alerts so you don’t need to worry about missing out on a great deal! What more could you want from this fantastic all-rounder app?


10 Best Travel Apps For Your Holiday

Hotels can be pricey and some of us would rather feel more at home when travelling. Thanks to Airbnb you can rent a room or a house for the duration of your stay. Whether your trip is long stay or short stay there’s flexibility and so many different places to choose from. Airbnb is available in over 191 countries with almost 5 million listings worldwide giving you plenty of choice!

It’s trusted – not just anyone can leave a review on Airbnb, only people who have booked to stay. This helps gives you complete peace of mind as realistic feedback will help you select the right rental for your needs. Unlike third party rentals or hotel reviews which can unfortunately turn out to be false, nobody wants disappointment on their arrival.

If you haven’t yet used Airbnb it’s definitely worthwhile trying it out next time you travel. Book your next city break, summer holiday or winter trip with Airbnb!


10 Best Travel Apps For Your Holiday

If you’re not renting a car for your trip then Uber is the best way to get around! Effortlessly request a pickup from your smart phone and watch your driver approach. Gone are the days of calling a taxi company and waiting around. Uber is instant, easy to use and often more affordable in comparison to a taxi firm. Another advantage with Uber is that you can share a ride with someone else if you want a cheaper journey. Just watch out for Uber’s surge pricing as prices can fluctuate at peak times.


10 Best Travel Apps For Your Holiday

Do you get concerned carrying your holiday money around? WeSwap is the plastic card you certainly won’t want to be without once you’ve tried it. It’s the safest and easiest way to travel with your spending money. Forget the stress of visiting a currency converter with all your cash.

Instantly transfer money to the card from your smartphone, you can have up to 18 different currencies on your account at any one time, withdraw from an ATM or use the card in any stores which accept MasterCard. The rates are also competitive which is a bonus.


10 Best Travel Apps For Your Holiday

If you’re keen to find out the top things to see and do in a particular location check out TripAdvisor! No need to spend hours researching online, TripAdvisor has done all of the hard work for you. From restaurants and hotels to sight-seeing you can scroll through the reviews and see real photos people have taken of their experiences. Upload your experience to share with other readers 😊

Prey Anti-Theft

10 Best Travel Apps For Your Holiday

We’re always warned about pickpocketing when we’re out and about, and to take caution when travelling to new unfamiliar surroundings. Sadly, we’re all vulnerable to crime no matter how beautiful the place you live or are visiting.

Prey is a smart piece of anti-theft software which can be installed across all of your electronic devices – smartphone, tablet and laptop. If you find yourself in a situation where your device has been lost or stolen you can remotely wipe data and lock the device. If the criminal turns the device on it will snap a mugshot of them and send it to you, which may even help you retrieve your stolen goods!

You can request Prey to send you the current location, nearby wifi networks, IP addresses and more. You can’t install Prey on the device once the damage has been done so what are you waiting for? Install it today on all your devices for peace of mind!

Some have been fortunate enough to get their stolen device back. Read the recovery stories yourself.


10 Best Travel Apps For Your Holiday

With Yelp you can read reviews on restaurants, nightlife and home services. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to wine and dine or a particular store Yelp is the place to search!

Hotspot Shield

10 Best Travel Apps For Your Holiday

Thanks to Hotspot Shield you can use your internet connected devices with peace of mind no matter where in the world you may be. This popular app already has over 600 million users! Public places such as airports give crooks the opportunity to access thousands of devices from passers-by to gain your private information.

Hotspot Shield VPN technology protects your identity and encrypts your data offering private and secure web browsing. To stay safe use Hotspot Shield all the time, not just for your travels!

Google Translate

10 Best Travel Apps For Your Holiday

The Google Translate app will come in extremely useful if you’re visiting a country where a different language is spoken. You can rely on this handy app to help you communicate with the locals and understand menus. It even has an incredible AR feature allowing you to use the camera on your phone to see the translation. Download the app before your trip (if you want to avoid data roaming!) and pre-download the language pack you require so you can view it offline. As well as Google Translate, Google Maps is worthwhile downloading for any directional help you may require on your travels.

Mobile Passport

10 Best Travel Apps For Your Holiday

U.S and Canadian passport holders can take advantage of the Mobile Passport app when entering the USA. Speed through customs once you’ve submitted your customs declaration info via your smartphone or tablet. Skip the usual long queues with ease, there are plenty of positive reviews about this app explaining the simplicity!

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