Apple Mac Repair

If you’re looking for Apple Mac repairs, Nexus offer unparalleled expertise combined with an exceptional level of customer service.

We are, of course, IT Support Professionals. From G3 through to MacBook, we speak fluent Apple!

A Complete Solutions Business

Nexus aren’t just the premier specialists for Apple Mac repair, we pride ourselves on delivering a complete IT solutions service.

If you’ve got a MacBook Pro with a dodgy trackpad or an ageing but much-loved desktop model in need of upgrade, we know precisely what you need.

If you just brought your first Mac, we know you love it – everybody does – but in spite of how intuitive most of its functions are, one or two things might have you puzzled. The answer is one of our short, affordable yet surprisingly comprehensive training courses. Actually we do tuition for all levels of experience, so if you’ve come across a bit of a challenge, just ask.

If you run a business, you might be wondering whether Apple Macs are the best way forward. Or how you’ll integrate them with all the different devices that your staff own. Interoperability might be a difficult word to say, but we understand exactly how to make it work for you!

Maybe you just need a few megabytes more RAM, or a MacBook battery changed, or an Apple OS upgrade. We’re fine with the small stuff too, just drop in. We can even – dare we say it – make your Mac work like a Windows PC if you really want us to!

At Nexus It’s Always Customer First

You understand that your Apple Mac repair or upgrade is likely to cost you a few pounds. We understand you need to keep that to a minimum.

We won’t rush for the invoice pad the moment you or your Mac arrives, we’ll assess the problem and give you a quote. Only when you know what’s needed and give us the nod will we go ahead. If you want to postpone the work until later, no problem.

Apple Mac Solutions, Exceptional Service

Phone us, fire off an email, or drop in next time you’re close. Make an appointment if that’s your preference, or just turn up – one of our IT technicians will always find time to talk to you.

We’re dedicated to providing individuals and businesses who need Mac repair, upgrades and tuition.

Nexus – Local Solutions, Total Solutions.