Laptop Repair

Bring your equipment to the Nexus IT Repair Specialists in Gerrards Cross and leave it with us whilst we investigate. We’ve worked with all models and makes of laptops, so you can trust us to deliver an outstanding service.

No matter how big or small the issue is, we are always happy to help.

DC Jack Replacement and Repair

If you find yourself constantly jiggling the power cord to your laptop in a desperate attempt to get it to stay in and charge fully, why not save yourself the trouble and get us to fix it for you? We’ve got the power!

Keyboard Replacement & Trackpad Repair

If your keyboard is looking rather worse-for-wear or your trackpad isn’t clicking, you don’t need to purchase a new laptop. Nexus can help you back to typing and scrolling heaven in no time!

Screen Replacement

Dim display or damaged device? Perhaps you’re dealing with a pesky dead pixel? No worries! We replace all types of laptop screens.

Hard drive Repair

Receiving strange noises and vibrations sounds like a hardware issue. One of the main components is the hard drive. The hard drive is the only hardware component which has moving parts, so when the hard drive starts to make scratching noises you know something is wrong. Hard drive failure is one of the most common problems that users face, so we always recommend taking regular backups. We’ll do our best to repair your hard drive if it’s ever damaged, and, worse case scenario, we can perform a data recovery and transfer it onto a new hard drive if necessary.

Any other issues? Just because your problem may not be listed above doesn’t mean we won’t be able to help! We’ve got a wealth of experience and know our way around a laptop, so just pop in with your machine and we’ll book it in for you!