Just like a vehicle, computers need periodic tune-ups for them to run efficiently and quickly. Nexus staff are highly trained, customer focused technicians and are available to help keep your IT equipment running. Here at Nexus, we understand that any computer issues can result in lost productivity. Periodic maintenance of computers help prevent failures that would have happened otherwise by inspecting, analysing the unique needs of each one, and configuring each computer for optimal performance.

Our staff can come to you to help support your IT tune-up needs. No matter the problem, drop your machine into Nexus and have one of our technicians come back to you with a quote. Our technicians can create a tune-up plan for all of your computers that is affordable and easy to accomplish.

A few signs your computer may need a tune-up are:
• A slow performing computer
• Error messages
• Unwanted pop-up browser windows
• Random freezing of the computer
• Blue Screen of Death
• Computer crashes
• Unexpected shutdowns
• Long start-up and shut-down times

When necessary we can carry out the following:
• A full diagnostics scan of each computer to determine what needs to be done.
• A virus and malware scan to detect and remove them before we proceed further.
• A complete dusting/cleaning of the motherboard, connectors, and other computer parts to reduce future problems.
• Optimisation of the computer settings for greater performance and speed.
• Defragmentation of disk drives for quicker data access.
• Use of diagnostic software to identify areas to optimise.
• Removal of task bar items that can slow a computer down.
• Clean the computer operating system registry.
• Update each computer and install security patches for installed applications.
• Upgrade out-of-date applications such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Adobe, Java, and more.
• Configure regular update processes for virus scans and system updates.
• Removal of temporary files and unwanted installation files.
• Assessment of programs installed on each computer and work with clients to determine ones that are not used so that they can be removed.
• An external cleaning of the computer case, keyboard, and screen.

Computers and servers are complicated technology that need periodic attention over time to ensure they are running properly. Nexus staff will provide you a great level of service and will always start with an estimate of the tune-up costs up front. A computer tune-up can extend the life of your computer and help prevent costly computer slowdowns. Give us a call or drop your machine off. You can rest assured your computers will be taken care of by highly skilled, friendly staff who will strive to provide you excellent service.