Networking / Cabling

Network cabling and wiring is a critical aspect for the successful operation of every business today. It provides the foundation for your technical devices, connectivity, and overall performance. Therefore, your business data and communication rely on your network cabling setup. Our IT professionals analyse the networking requirements for your business before making targeted suggestions for installation or upgrade improvements intended to offer your company successful returns on your financial investment in your communication capabilities.

Insufficient cabling often leaves businesses with higher than necessary network expenses, an excessive number of network switches, and inadequate connectivity. Whether you have a wired or a wireless system, our IT experts can assist you in determining your needs so that your network performs at optimal levels with minimal risk of failure.

Network Cabling Services

Our cabling specialists are proficient in each of the following services:

.   Network cabling – system analysis, design, and implementation

.   Server rack cabling – professional installation and labeling

.   Data cabling – analysis, design, and implementation

.   Structured cabling – foundational connectivities

.   Communication cabling – VoIP services and landline capabilities

.   Cabling upgrades – strategies for modifications and improvements to existing system

.   Cabling repairs – troubleshooting and resolution

Network Devices

Installing the proper wiring for your business equipment is essential. Please contact us if you need network cabling for any of the following devices: routers, switches, servers, network-attached storage devices (NAS), computers, printers, scanners, firewalls, and phones.

Benefits of a Properly Installed Network

Installing a network is a task that is best left to professionals who have trained for the job. Our IT experts are fully prepared to setup business network cabling that delivers:

.   Enhanced capabilities for Internet usage

.   Improved performance for IT equipment

.   Faster transfer speeds

.   Personalised network layout and features determined by your business needs, technology budget, and goals for company expansion

.   Reduced interference

.   Optimal communication scenario

.   Higher call quality (VoIP)

.   Reliable performance

One additional advantage of having Nexus handle your network cabling is that proper labeling for all outlets and patch panels takes place. As a result, our troubleshooting technicians can resolve unforeseen issues with less downtime, resulting in faster results and minimised downtime for your business.

Why Nexus? 

Whether you need a new installation, a system upgrade, or repairs, Nexus is the answer to your needs. Our knowledgeable IT staff can install, repair, or upgrade any size cabling job with the expertise that comes from quality training and years of experience. Please contact us at your earliest convenience, and let us help you make the connection to the outside world.