Acquiring an effective and fully operational business email service is critical for the success of your company. It provides consistent communication capabilities that more readily enable work productivity and successful business expansion. Cloud-based solutions for small and medium-sized businesses reduce the frustration of email management so that companies can focus on important business concerns. We deploy and manage email solutions for you, creating messaging solutions for your organisation that provide shared access to company emails through a web-based interface without the need to purchase expensive hardware, servers, or resource-intensive software.

Why Choose Cloud-Based Email

Even if most of your business communication doesn’t occur through emails, cloud solutions offer valuable advantages, including simplicity, cost savings, and frustration-free management. Plus, hosted communication services are designed to assist in protecting your business against data leaks, spam, phishing emails, email-based malware, email-based viruses, unsecured emails, and undelivered emails. You receive unified communication featuring unlimited email, digital voice, fax, instant messaging, video, and mobile text capabilities without any of the headaches that often accompany email usage.

Cloud-based Email Solutions

Through reliable cloud-based email solutions, your business can simplify communication across locations and teams through easy-to-use customisable services. You will have the ability to:

.   Send and receive emails from an internet-connected computer or mobile device

.   Sync with other applications

.   Keep connected from any location at any time (as long as you have an internet connection)

.   Access advanced capabilities for email activities

.   Mobile management capabilities

.   Access email archiving

Benefits of Cloud Email Solutions

In addition to frustration-free management and cost savings, cloud-based email solutions offer the following advantages:

.   Branded email capability

.   Secure hosting

.   Real-time email access

.   Protection against viruses and spam

.   Email syncing

.   Ability to interoperate with existing email infrastructure

.   Transfer existing data using advanced migration technology

.   Realise cost savings by reducing infrastructure requirements

.   Keep your inbox free from infiltration attempts

Your business maintains full control over your communication capabilities, while creating a safe and secure environment for your emails, enhancing productivity in other areas of your business, and making it possible to access better support options on a reliable basis.

Why Nexus 

Our cloud specialists analyse your IT system, assess your current email requirements, and propose a program that is designed to deliver everything your organisation needs for quality performance. They work closely with you to come up with a cloud solution offering email capabilities designed specifically for your purposes. Our staff of experts will assist you in selecting an option suitable for your needs. Call us today to make an appointment.