We work with all computers – desktops and laptops, Macs and PCs. We’re whizzes with Windows, and we have an aptitude of Apple, so you can trust us with your Mac. Computers are crucial to everyday life. We depend on our computers for so many things, and if your computer isn’t functioning properly, it can be a nightmare. The good news is that Nexus IT Support and Repair is awaiting your call! Computers allow us to create documents, paint pictures and even make music with just a few keystrokes. The internet gives us our daily dose of news, television and the opportunity to communicate with anyone in the world.

Laptop Screen Repair

Ever dropped something hard on your laptop screen, or let it slip out of your hands onto the floor? Cracked laptop screens are a pain, but they’re not the end of the world! Feel free to pop into the office and hand it over. We’ll repair the laptop screen and have it back up and running in no time!

Laptop Backlight Repair

A black or blank laptop screen or a dim laptop display may mean that your laptop screen needs to be replaced. Admittedly, that’s a major repair, but one that Nexus can handle efficiently and with as little pain to your pocket as possible. Sometimes the solution is as simple as replacing the laptop backlight, a much easier job. Let us evaluate your laptop and make the repairs necessary to restore your laptop display to its old glory.

Computer Hard Drive Replacement and Cloning

If you’re faced with the problem of insufficient space on your hard drive, you’ll struggle to store your data. Sure, you could delete a few photos and emails here and there, but you’ll soon be faced with the same issue again. Nexus can provide you with a new, spacious computer hard drive, allowing you to keep all of your files, worry-free. With our cloning service, getting a new hard drive doesn’t mean reinstalling your operating system from scratch, losing your “favourite’s” or re-establishing your “shortcuts.” Your computer operates just the way it did before – only with more available space for your files.

Data Recovery

How many times have you told yourself to back up your data? Trouble is, you never get around to doing it, and your hard drive crashes, wiping out of your data. Or maybe you accidentally deleted an important file. Perhaps you’ve picked up a virus or Trojan that has taken over your machine. Whatever the cause, you panic. Relax. Data recovery is one of the main specialties of Nexus. We have a number of tools at our disposal to retrieve your irreplaceable files. Bring your computer in or take advantage of our free pickup service in Buckinghamshire, and odds are, we’ll have you sorted in no time at all – with your data intact.

RAM Upgrades

If your computer is sluggish and unresponsive, running multiple programs can be a chore. Although it may seem like the only solution would be to chuck your computer out of the window, the solution may be as simple as installing additional RAM. Your machine may not have enough to drive the operating system and run your programs at the same time, so let us perform a RAM upgrade and get your computer up to speed.

Power Repairs

If the power suddenly cuts out on your computer, you could potentially lose hours of hard work. If your laptop battery won’t hold more than a few minutes worth of charge, your machine is no longer portable – it may as well be a desktop. Simply drop your computer into us and we’ll get it booked in – no need to book an appointment. Our IT technicians will investigate the issues and then contact you with our recommendation and a quote. Then it’s up to you on how you would like to proceed.