Best Step Counter Apps for the Apple Watch

In order to improve our overall health we need to make changes. We need to take better care of ourselves, eat healthier food and seriously fight against the dangerous effects of a sedentary lifestyle. One of the ways to combat a sedentary life is to exercise on a regular basis. Of course, this doesn’t mean lifting weights and working out hard in the gym. It doesn’t even mean running at high intensity. No, in order to stay in good physical shape it’s enough to just walk more every day. Believe it or not, it’s true: a simple, low-intensity form of exercise like walking can help you prevent a series of diseases, lose weight and get fit.

With the help of pedometer apps you can find the motivation to walk more every day and stay committed to your fitness goals. These apps will record your physical activity and keep you up-to-date with your progress, so that you’ll always know how far you’ve come along since you started. In this article we’ve made out a list of 5 step counter apps for the Apple Watch which you can trustingly put to use to stay active.


ActivityTracker is a free pedometer app designed to track your daily physical activity. This means it will automatically monitor a series of relevant fitness stats, such as the number of steps taken, the distance covered (walked or ran), the amount of calories burned, the total active time and the floors climbed. The app enables you to set a weekly step target, in accordance with your needs and preferences, and keeps you updated by displaying a daily goal based on that target.

ActivityTracker comes with a nicely-designed independent app for the Apple Watch. You can visualise how many steps you’ve taken on an hourly basis, get an overview of your activity for the entire day or check out the progress made in the last week. The app offers Complications to see the desired fitness metrics on the spot, as well as the possibility to synchronise steps between your iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple Health. ActivityTracker also places at your disposable a customisable Today widget and integrates with iMessage so you can share your results with others.

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Pedometer++ dates back to 2013, being the oldest app in the App Store to take advantage of the motion processor. The app lets you set a daily step goal and allows you to visualise the progress made in three ways: using your iPhone, the Today View widget or the Apple Watch app.

Speaking of the Apple Watch app, this is pretty useful if you want to have right at your wrist all the information about your physical activity. Once you select a workout (walking, running, hiking or other activity) the app will show you a customisable display with various metrics: the duration of your workout, the steps taken, the distance, the calories, heart rate or current elevation if you enable GPS. According to your individual preferences, you can configure which of these metrics are visible. Additionally, you can sync Pedometer++ with Apple Health and share your activity with others via iMessage.

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Pacer is more than a step counter for your Apple Watch. This app records and displays your daily activity, places at your disposal personalised fitness programs based on your fitness level and comes with a social component that makes it even more exciting. With Pacer you can enter various competitions, create walking groups with your friends and family, see who’s taken the most steps in a day and hence find the motivation to stay physically active.

With this app you can see directly on your Watch how many steps you’ve taken and how much you’ve got left until you reach your step goal. Pacer also enables you to sync data with the Health app and Apple Watch to gain an even better idea of your overall activity. In addition there’s also the option of synchronising steps and calories with MyFitnessPal.

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As the name might strongly suggest it, Steps by Supercritical Flow was particularly developed to monitor your daily step count. Designed with a clean and clear interface, the app keeps track of your physical movement throughout the day. This means it will display on your Apple Watch the number of steps taken, the distance walked or ran, the time spent active and the total calorie burn.

In order to keep you motivated, Steps enables you to set a daily step goal and to make adjustments to it directly on your wrist. The app gives you options to customise its appearance by choosing from multiple themes, to share your fitness stats with others, as well as connect it with Apple Health.

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Footsteps is another interesting solution if you want to count your steps on your Apple Watch. This Apple Watch app allows you to group your physical activity into workouts (walking, running…) and pause, delete or save them at any moment. Depending on the type of workout, it will display directly on your wrist your step count, the distance covered, the calorie burn, active time, current speed or pace.

Just like the other apps, Footsteps can be integrated with Apple Health. The app gives you the chance to check out your activity for the last days, weeks or months in case you want to have an overview of your progress. Additionally there’s an option to share your results on popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter or via email and text message.

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