An advantageous option for businesses that don’t want the commitment of a contract for IT support, our Ad-hoc service offers occasional assistance on your network system at the time that it is required. This service is provided by Nexus on a time and materials basis, enabling companies to obtain necessary assistance for small or large projects on an as-needed basis. You don’t need to sign a contract or read over a service-level agreement. All you need to do is give us a call when any aspect of your network or communications system isn’t operating properly.

Ad-Hoc Support Services

When you select ad-hoc services, experienced IT engineers provide the support your business needs via remote-access strategies, via phone, or on site. Our team of experts is available for whatever services you need without having to obtain a contract first. Our services include, but are not limited to:

.   Comprehensive remote IT support

.   All-inclusive emergency IT support

.   Wide-ranging phone support for IT issues

.   Scheduled onsite IT support visit when required

Benefits of Ad-Hoc Support Services

When you choose ad-hoc support for your business over an annual agreement, you still have access to the same type of professional services needed to keep your network secure, reliable, and fully functional. You’ll also receive the following benefits that could be financially advantageous for your business, particularly if it is a start-up company or doesn’t rely heavily on technology to complete its day-to-day operations:

.   Cost-effectiveness

.   Convenience

.   Flexibility

.   No staffing costs

.   Up-front service fees

.   No management strategies to develop

.   No need to schedule internal training sessions

.   Access to a full team of IT support specialists

.   Only pay for the support services you use

.   Ability to avoid service disruptions

.   Access to responsive support without delay

Why Choose Ad-Hoc Support Services from Nexus?

Whether your email system isn’t sending and receiving properly, your server is performing poorly, or you’ve lost your internet capability, our IT support team is just a phone call away. When you opt for ad-hoc support, you give your company the flexibility of choosing the services you want when you want them. You’ll only pay for the services that you receive, each of which is itemised on an invoice. With our ad-hoc support service, you have full access to the skills and resources of our highly trained and experienced technical staff without the need to enter into an annual contract. Call us to learn more.