Best Inflatables for the Pool

Although it may not be admitted, everyone secretly knows that when you’re floating in the pool on holiday it’s a contest for who has the best inflatable! The burst of vibrant colours, shapes and sizes makes them so attractive and attention grabbing under the glistening sun beams.

There’s a great place in Penticton Canada which attracts many people each year. The river is crystal clear and it’s the perfect excuse to meet up with friends and let the river carry your stress away. You can float the 7km River Channel with the biggest size island you can get your hands on!

We’ve done some research to help you find the best floating island.

Listed below is a range of entry level to more advanced options giving you the choice to suit the size of your group.

Inflatables for individuals

If you’re seeking a lilo to hold one person then you may consider a pineapple shaped one!

pineapple inflatable

Available to purchase from John Lewis is this quirky pineapple shaped inflatable.

Or if pineapple’s are not really your thing then perhaps look at getting a watermelon instead?

watermelon inflatable

Obsessed with pink? Look no further, as the pink flamingo awaits you!

flamingo inflatable donut inflatable







Online retailer Asos are selling an extensive variety of inflatables starting at a reasonable £19.99. From donuts and pizza slices to swans and ice creams! No matter your budget you’ll be sure to find one you like.

Perfect for groups of 2 and above

The Blue Wave 2-Person Inflatable Cooler Tube is ideal for couples and contains everything you need. It has 2 drink holders and better still a spacious centre cooler for your drinks. What more could anyone want?

two person inflatable

If you’re seeking enough space to fit a small group then this 4 seater floatable lounge available to purchase from Amazon (USA) is worth considering. If offers plenty of space for extra comfort. Just ensure you allow plenty of time for delivery if you’re not situated in America.

4 person inflatable


The SportsStuff Cabana Islander accommodates up to 6 people. Lounge back and relax whilst you float on the water. It has a nylon detachable wind-resistant cabana roof to keep you in the shade when you’re feeling too hot. It also contains a center swim porthole for cool downs as well as a boarding platform.

cabana islander water lounge

Keep your refreshments cool in the SportsStuff Floating Cooler and enjoy them without even leaving the water.

Tropical Tahiti Inflatable Floating Island

Tropical Tahiti Inflatable Floating Island

This spacious floating island contains two large sections and can comfortably hold 6 people. Choose between the upright seating area or the slightly lower section if you prefer to lounge.

WOW World of Watersports 13-2060 Tube A Rama

If there’s a large group of you then this 10 seater island will definitely crown you King or Queen of the pool! This gigantic ring contains 10 separate compartments and it’s circular shape allows everyone to engage in conversation – making it perfect for socialising.

10 person floating island


No floating island is complete without a drinks cooler to keep your beverages ice cold!! That’s why you need to invest in a drinks cooler.

Bestway Floating Cooler

This is ultimate accessory for any floating island. The Bestway inflatable cooler is more than convenient, floating alongside you whilst keeping your drinks chilled. It features six cup holders and has the ability to hold a capacity of 16 litres. You won’t have any regrets when you invest in one of these.

floating drink cooler

Wherever you may be jetting off to this summer we hope you enjoy yourself and remember to stay safe when in the pool or sea.

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