Essential iPhone Apps to download

Most of us are guilty of downloading apps that we want to try out, then after the first use they can often be forgotten about.

Perhaps its time to do a tidy-up of your iPhone, delete those un-touched apps and download some useful and essential ones.

Here are some we’ve handpicked which cover an assortment of different categories.

Google Maps

An extremely useful app whether you’re on foot or travelling by car. Google Maps will help you reach your destination. The app easily navigates you with a clear map and directions. You can choose whether you have the route read aloud to you or simply follow it yourself on your device if you prefer. This is also a great to use when you’re travelling abroad.


Uber was launched 10 years ago and now has 110 million users around the world! Uber has to be one of the most advanced ways of getting around if you require a taxi. Effortlessly book your ride via your phone and there’s no need to worry about having cash to pay for your journey as your account will be debited automatically after your trip.


Download WhatsApp to keep connected with everyone. You can send messages, photos and videos to your contacts and even create group chats for making those big group meet-ups easier to organise. Additionally, WhatsApp is encrypted so you can have peace of mind that your chats are sent and stored securely.


If you love music you need Spotify. Create your own playlists or listen to pre-made ones, there’s thousands to choose from. You can download all your fave songs and albums so you can listen offline without an internet connection.  Plus you can share songs and playlists with your family and friends.

Whilst on the topic of music Shazam is a must-have app. If you want to find out the name of an artist or song when you hear a catchy song being played, but you’ve no idea who’s behind it, simply open up Shazam and it will tell you!

My Fitness Pal

If you like to keep track of your diet, fitness, or both, then you need My Fitness Pal. Log your meals, activity and set yourself goals to help you reach those targets. In put your current weight and target weight and it’ll work out your daily calories. Logging food within the app is straightforward and thanks to bar-code scanning you can add items in a matter of seconds.


If you’re already signed up to Netflix why not download the Netflix app on your phone too. Kill some time on a long journey or your commute to work. Also a great app for those who travel frequently or a long-haul flight.


If you’re fed up of forgetting your passwords and constantly find yourself carrying out password resets to get into your accounts then you need to start using 1Password. With 1Password you simply have one master password to access your vault, and stored within your vault is all of the passwords you wish to store. You can even store other important information such as your bank account, credit card details, passport, driving licence etc.

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