Remote Desktop

If your company is searching for an alternative strategy to meet all of your technology needs, remote desktop capability might be the perfect answer. With the expanding reliance on virtualisation within the corporate sector, cloud-hosted remote desktops seem to be the natural answer for companies looking to optimise their resources, access enhanced performance levels, and deliver mobility solutions that propel their business forward along a success-oriented path of achievement. All of this is accomplished within a safe and secure environment.

Cloud-Hosted (Virtual) Desktops

When a business utilises Web-based applications across its communication and internet-based processes, choosing a cloud-hosted remote desktop makes perfect sense. The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allows you to access your devices remotely, including workstations, servers, computers, and mobile equipment.

A cloud-based desktop allows your company access to the type of functionality you desire without the need to install applications on your own equipment. It is a cost-effective solution with an end goal toward productivity and company expansion. If you choose Remote Desktop IT Service, it allows you to outsource all of your IT-related services or a portion of them should you prefer to retain some of your IT resources for in-house projects.

Overall Benefits of Choosing Virtual Remote Desktops

Due to the fact that cloud-hosted desktops aren’t hardwired to your business server, they are simpler to relocate, upgrade, implement a patch, or restore should the unthinkable happen and a disaster occurs. Your browser-based capabilities eliminate the need for hardware and software purchases. Other benefits provided by this technology include:

.   Simplified functionality

.   Faster application deployment

.   Optimal security for data and applications

.   Promotion of increased productivity for your business

.   Reduction in infrastructure expenses

.   Enhanced productivity through performance improvement

.   Access to centralised management

Moreover, a virtual desktop offers the kind of scalability that allows it to grow with your business along with a centralised backup system that is hosted remotely, freeing up resources and funds. With the easy deployment capability offered by virtual desktops, downtime is reduced and effectiveness is enhanced.

Why Choose Us 

Here at Nexus, it is our goal to provide quality service that meets your company needs in every way. If you need a solution that allows your remote employees, partners, and contractors access to your business network system, a remote desktop is the most commonly utilised option. Our team of trained technicians can assist you in choosing your cloud-hosted desktop for faster, more reliable performance and functionality.