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January is the time for making new year’s resolutions and it’s when many of us plan to get fit and healthy for the year ahead. But it’s putting our words into action which is usually the tricky part! We can be guilty of giving up at the first hurdle, however with the right apps and some willpower you can stay on track with your fitness.

We’ve put together a list of some great exercise and fitness apps to help you keep active, log your progress and stay on track throughout the year.

The gym isn’t for everyone, some of us prefer to workout in the comfort of our home or outdoors. Therefore we’ve included apps designed for use at home, the gym or outdoors.

Fitbit coach

If you have a Fitbit then don’t hesitate to download the Fitbit coach app. This app is free to download and you can choose whether you wish to upgrade to Fitbit premium.

The data collected from your Fitbit allows Fitbit coach to recommend specific exercises for your fitness level. One of the great advantages to Fitbit coach is that the workouts are equipment-free so all that’s needed is you and your Fitbit!

The workouts vary from 6 – 60 minutes. You can watch the video demos within the app or listen to the audio to coach you through.

You can upgrade your account to premium if you’re after customised workouts, for example if your fitness goal is to build muscle you can focus on this.

WOD connect

If you’re guilty of using paper to log your workouts it’s time to ditch your notepad and start using WOD connect.

Not only is it digital so you never have to worry about misplacing your paper notebook, this app is the ultimate hub for your fitness as you can log your workouts, track your performance and even follow pre-made plans.

You can set goals to help you achieve your target and also share photos and videos of your results.
Another great perk to using WOD connect is interacting with other like-minded individuals. Be part of a community where you can connect with others training and make your workouts a social event too.

Nike+ Run Club

If you’re into running the Nike+ Run Club app is a must have! Track all your runs and progress, get coaching tailored to you and compete against other runners. Use the app to track your distance, pace, location, elevation and heart rate.

You’ll have plans modified to your fitness level which adapt as you progress. Compare and compete with friends and fellow runners.

There’s plenty to keep you motivated with the Nike+ Run Club playlists, in-run cheers, and encouragement from athletes.

Choose who you share your run with, whether it’s all of your social network or just your Nike friends.
You can even personalise your posts by adding stickers, stats and photos.

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