Best Apps for your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch offers a wide variety of apps, whether you are looking to reach your fitness goals, listen to music, increase productivity, or track the quality of your sleep. Many of these apps are also free and are a must-have for anyone that owns an Apple Watch.

Here are a few of the best apps to download for your Apple Watch.

Nike Run Club

The Nike Run Club uses a built-in GPS to track all of your runs with detailed stats. All of this information is a great way to stay motivated and help you reach your fitness goals.


Headspace is a mindfulness app that helps you to relax and take a break from the hectic pace of life. These mindfulness exercises are great at relieving stress and helping with sleep problems.


Strava is another popular fitness app that tracks your running and cycling with a built-in GPS. All of the data is in an easy to read format, whether you are keeping track of calories burned, pace, or distance travelled.


MyFitnessPal is one of the best apps to help you keep track of your daily calories and weight loss goals. It can also keep track of your daily steps while giving detailed information on the number of carbohydrates and protein that you consume each day.

Spotify Music

Spotify is one of the most popular ways to listen to your favourite music. The enormous catalogue gives you the freedom to listen to a diverse range of music while also discovering new artists.


Audible is one of the best options to listen to your favourite audiobooks. You can easily transfer your audiobooks from your iPhone to the Apple Watch. However, it is important to remember that you are unable to stream these audiobooks on your watch, as you will need to sync your audiobooks from your iPhone.

Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane Password Manager is a helpful app that allows you to easily manage all of your passwords. The app utilises your Apple Watch as a form of two-factor authentication to give your accounts an extra layer of security.


OneNote syncs to Microsoft’s Cloud and is a great option for setting reminders and creating notes. The speed and simplicity of the app make it a popular option for anyone to use.


Telegram is an instant messaging service that offers end-to-end encryption. Telegram is ad-free and even includes features such as Secret Chats that will automatically self-destruct messages after a specified time. Telegram is also highly efficient and requires minimal data transfers.

BBC News

The BBC News app is a great way to keep up with the latest headlines without constantly checking your phone or watching TV. You can also create a personalised list of news on your iPhone and transfer it to your BBC News app.

All of these apps offer many different features, such as keeping track of detailed stats, access to your favourite songs, while also keeping you updated on the latest news. Begin downloading these apps today and experience the numerous benefits of owning an Apple Watch.

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