IT Support, PC, Laptop and Apple Mac Repair 

If you think that living or working in a rural village means it’s difficult to get the same standards of computer support as you would in a large town or city, Nexus has a pleasant surprise for you. We’re right on your doorstep, and we guarantee the same exceptional levels of Windows PC and Apple Mac repair in Stoke Poges as we provide everywhere else!

Undoubtedly Local

We’re less than ten minutes away in Gerrards Cross. You might well have been past our premises (we’re  on the same road as Waitrose). You don’t need an appointment if you want to pop in or drop off your computer – someone will always make time to talk with you.

Unrivalled Capability

Local success isn’t just built on fixing boxes. Although we’re delighted to have such a great reputation for desktop and laptop repair in Stoke Poges, that’s just one facet of our operations.

We’re also very big on connectivity, networking and audio-visual systems. If you’re struggling to get multiple devices talking to each other, or you need your Wifi signal boosted, we can soon sort things out. If you’re a business looking to make better use of cloud-based systems – from a data security and/or remote working point of view – we can help there too.

Of course upgrades to hardware and software are still an important part of what we do every day, as is the tuition we offer. Whatever level you are at, we can help improve your skills.

Unexpectedly Cost-Effective!

We operate an open, no-obligation policy that means you are always in control. If you’ve got a computer problem, we’ll diagnose it first. If you need a site visit – the same principle applies: a quote first, a chat to make sure everything’s understood (we might be computer geeks, but we know not everybody else is), then you tell us how and when to proceed.

There are two things we particularly pride ourselves on: technical ability and customer care. We’d be delighted to welcome you to our offices in Gerrards Cross. If you still think it’s difficult to get the service for IT support, PC and Mac repairs in Stoke Poges that you demand, we invite you to test us – we relish the challenge!

Nexus – Local Solutions, Total Solutions.