Computers connect people and businesses together. When your PC breaks, you want it repaired as soon as possible.  Nexus is here to help!  Our staff have decades of experience repairing PCs and love to support Windows and Apple computers and will get the job done.  We provide PC repair services from our conveniently located office or via remote access support.

Nexus provides complete PC care from installation, configuration, support, and repair.  We can install the software you need and also train you on many of them.  You will enjoy our enthusiastic staff and build a real relationship with them over time.  Our simple service agreements will keep us on call at a very reasonable rate.

There are various ways we can be of service:

  • Password Recovery – Are you locked out of your own computer?  We can get you back in.
  • Computer Setup – Do you dread opening that new computer box and installing it?  Let us help!
  • Computer Tune-Up – We provide a wide range of computer speeding up services.
  • Software Installation – We can install software and ensure it is working correctly.
  • Software Troubleshooting – We can check to see why something is not working as well and fix it for you.
  • Data Recovery – Deleting or losing a file can be devastating.  We have many tools and techniques to recover lost data.
  • Solid State Drive Upgrade – We can install the latest solid state drive giving you a noticeable increase in computer speed.
  • Motherboard Replacement – Just because a motherboard breaks does not mean you have to buy a new computer.  We can give it new life by replacing the motherboard.
  • Overheating Issues – We can clean your computer and replace the heatsink compound fixing many overheating problems.
  • Virus, Spyware, and Malware Removal – We can remove viruses, spyware, and malware and help prevent more in the future.
  • PC Cleaning – Increase the life of your computer by allowing us to take it apart and clean it thoroughly.
  • Blue Screen of Death – Many times, we can bring a computer back to life.

At Nexus, we provide complete care and service for your PC needs.  We will first diagnose the problem with your PC and provide you with a repair plan and quote up front.  If more than one repair item is needed, we will combine this effort to save you money.  We also provide affordable care plans that make us available to you at a moment’s notice.