A virus is a malicious software program that may hinder computers from operating, steal private data, record your keystrokes, and display unwanted information.

A virus is effective due to it replicating itself throughout your computers and servers by hiding in numerous places. By doing this, a virus may also corrupt your important files. Billions each year are lost due to lost data, blackmail, computer failures, productivity, and time.

Here at Nexus, we understand the need to keep your computers running smoothly and we provide a comprehensive virus removal service. Our motivated and skilled staff will quickly diagnose the issues with your computers, remove those viruses and get your computers running ASAP.

Viruses are tricky in that they infect different areas of your computer and affect performance in numerous ways. Your computer could have one or more of the following symptoms:
• Trouble saving and opening files.
• Slow computer/server performance.
• Inability to print or errors in printing.
• Sluggish start up and shut down.
• Unexpected messages on the screen.
• Computer programs starting unexpectedly.
• Hard drive reading and writing excessively.

All these could be signs your computer is infected with a virus. Our quick and easy virus detection process will be sure to identify the root causes of your computer problems and remove any viruses that may be causing them.

In addition to detecting and removing viruses, we can configure your computers to ensure they are downloading current virus definitions and running periodic scans. This does not always catch and prevent viruses from infecting your computer, but it helps. For those viruses that do make it through your network security and computer antivirus, we are ready to apply our proven processes to quickly get your computer back to operational status.

Here is a list of the present most common computer viruses:

– Trojan Horses

– Rootkits

– Backdoors

– Worms

– Denial of Service (DOS)

– Macro Virus

– Boot Sector Virus

– VBS Virus

– Ransomware