Data Transfer & Recovery

There are all sorts of things that can cause the disappearance of a file from your PC Computer, Laptop or Mac. Perhaps it was accidentally deleted, or the equipment you’re using has malfunctioned. We have recovered data from the following types of devices:

  • Laptop hard drives
  • Desktop hard drives
  • Network Raided Drives (NAS Drives)
  • Deleted data from servers
  • Recovered photos from camera’s SD Cards
  • USB Stick Data Recovery

At Nexus, we understand how alarming it can be when your latest manuscript, or the invoices from your last month of business are suddenly nowhere to be found. But don’t panic – all is not lost!

Our technicians will do all they can to recover your lost items and get things running again.

We also offer a data transfer service. If you’ve recently bought a new machine, we can move your data over from the old one, ensuring that nothing is missing.

You can drop your PC, Laptop, or Mac into our office and we’ll get it booked in for you. Our technicians will take a free look for you and will send you a quote for repair. You decide what work we do – we want you to be in control.