Best Apps For Children

As technology has evolved it’s no longer just a part of our adult lives but now also for children. Growing up through childhood prior to the last decade or two would have involved colouring books, Tops Trumps cards, board games, doll’s houses and Scalextric sets as a form of entertainment to keep yourself occupied, however children nowadays, as young as toddlers, are surrounded by smartphones and tablets for providing entertainment.

The internet is a huge open network and this is a concern for many parents. Therefore finding and downloading suitable games for your little ones to play with is important for their safety.

We’ve listed below some of the best apps for children. There’s a mixture of educational and creative play:

Toca Boca

Toca Boca are a leading producer of children’s apps and they have a huge variety of apps available to download. Their apps focus on creative play, some are free and others cost around £3.99 to download. So whether your child is fascinated in any of the following areas there’s bound to be something to keep them amused.

There is:

  • Toca Kitchen
  • Toca Nature
  • Toca Doctor
  • Toca Lab
  • Toca Life
  • Toca Builders
  • Toca Dance

CBeebies Playtime

CBeebies isn’t only a popular choice of TV program it’s also a popular app! The CBeebies app is designed for children aged 8 and under and provides an assortment of exciting games.

The games are free and can be played offline, with no adverts or in-app purchases.
Some of the games available include:

  • Peter Rabbit – Hop to It
  • Andy’s Safari Sounds
  • Pablo’s Art World Adventure
  • Teletubbies – Play Day
  • Waffle the Wonder Dog – Waffle & Friends
  • Tee and Mo – Our Little World
  • Bitz and Bob – Ice Cream Party
  • Andy’s Animals Teams
  • Octonauts – Ocean Adventures
  • Go Jetters – Global Grooves
  • Twirlywoos – Explore and Play

Endless Alphabet

The Endless Alphabet app combines education with entertainment. A fun way to learn their ABCs and build vocabulary.

  • Puzzle games with talking letters and an animation illustrating the definition
  • 100 words to learn and play with
  • Animations to engage children in a fun way

Thomas & Friends

If your child is fond of Thomas the Tank Engine or trains in general, then they’ll adore the Thomas & Friends minis.

Allow them to create and customise their own train set:

  • Construct exciting tracks
  • Soar through mighty stunts and rollercoasters
  • Design your train set with a range of decorations
  • Choose from a series of different landscapes
  • Unlock engine skins when you collect golden gears
  • Augmented Reality feature available with iOS 11

Uncover 6 different worlds:

  • Thomas’ countryside
  • Gordon’s winter wonderland
  • Percy’s spooky forest
  • Toby’s busy city
  • Spencer’s aqua park
  • James’ Jurassic cove

Lego Juniors

Lego is not only fun for physical playtime but the Lego Juniors app also allows your child to use their imagination and be creative. The app is designed for children aged 4 – 7.

  • Fun, creative and inspirational
  • Easy navigation
  • Allow your child to practice the basics of building with Lego bricks
  • Experimental and creative problem-solving
  • Imaginative play set-ups. They can explore settings like princess castles, police stations, fire trucks, houses and construction sites

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