IT Support, PC, Laptop and Apple Mac Repair 

The speed and ease of modern communications has broken down all kinds of barriers and boundaries, so why shouldn’t a company based in Bucks be providing exceptional levels of IT support, Windows PC and Apple Mac repair in Maidenhead?

At Nexus we’re all about technical skill and service excellence – wherever you are.

We’re based in Gerrards Cross, no more than 30 minutes to get to us. You can visit us at any time to suits you (it’s easy to park and you don’t need to book an appointment).

Redefining Qualified

Technical competence is obviously a pre-requisite with any IT support company, so it’s no surprise that it’s an area where Nexus make significant ongoing investment.

Whether you need a relatively minor Mac laptop repair or upgrades to dozens of desktop PCs, you need to know that your valuable IT equipment is in capable hands.

Redefining Comprehensive

To be successful in a rapidly changing environment you need to be flexible and adaptable. Although we started out in PC and Mac repair, our offering now extends way beyond those disciplines. We have personnel capable of resolving all your IT-related issues, from extending the range of your Wi-Fi, to network solutions for entire office and manufacturing facilities.

We have specialists who can update the software on an individual machine or teach the latest program developments to a group of power-users. We can remove viruses, secure data, implement cloud-based security protocols or create an entire audio-visual conference suite.

Redefining Customer Satisfaction

We never underestimate the value of our customers. We’re not only committed to delivering the highest standards of IT support in Maidenhead, but also to making sure there’s unrivalled transparency in what we do.

We understand that you need things done as quickly as possible but that everyone, from the remote-workers to the largest international business, has budget pressures. We will always give you a clear quote and ensure you understand what’s required before starting work. We don’t have hidden charges and we don’t have an over-inflated opinion of our own importance!

You’re in charge, so whatever works for you, works for us. Do not hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help you! You can visit us, email or phone – whichever works best for you.

Nexus – Local Solutions, Total Solutions.