Top Apps for Cats!

This is definitely a must read for all cat owners and cat lovers out there!

Now let’s be honest, cats are adorable, amusing animals to watch on any day, but put them in front of an iPad playing a game and you’re guaranteed to be amused and have yourself caught up in stitches of laughter! We understand that cats can often be fussy and very particular so it was our experiment to find the best cat friendly apps.

Some of us at Nexus HQ are cat owners and we put these cat apps to the test ourselves to find out exactly which apps go down well with our furry feline friends.

If you’ve got an iPhone, iPad or tablet there are many different cat apps available to download. The ones we’ve tested are for Apple devices:

1. Cat Game (Michael McMahon)

This is a fun laser game which is just as fascinating to watch as it must be to play. Watch the laser beam dash around on the screen whilst your cat tries to catch it. As you may already know cats adore laser beams so this is definitely a top app to download.

2. Mouse for Cats (Petr Vanek)

A much slower-paced game probably preferred by the ‘older’ cat. Watch the colourful mouse wiggle around the screen whilst moving its tail teasing your cat.

3. Go-Cat Cat Fishing (Nestle Purina Petcare Co)

A bird’s eye view of colourful fish swimming around. The bright colours really make the fish stand out. Another great game to try.

4. Cat Toys (Second Reality)

Watch the cute, chubby pink mouse move around inside the box. The mouse moves at a decent speed, not too fast and not too slow. A great app for all cats no matter their age or ability.

Alongside this there are also sound apps (such as Cat Sounds by Ruitao Cai) where you can play a variety of cat sounds. This app contains lots of different sounds and its hilarious to see your cat’s response.

So now you’ve read about the purrfect apps it’s your chance to give it a try and see what your cat really thinks.

Poppy with appsCat with app

Here’s some photos we snapped of the MD’s cat Poppy. Her favourite app is ‘Go Cat’ – she loves the fish and gets so excited when playing this game.

We’d love to see your cats reaction so don’t hesitate to post us a photo or video on our Facebook page so we can take a peek too!

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