Top 5 Apple Watch Apps Every Mac Lover Should Be Downloading

Do you love your Apple Watch almost as much as your Mac computer? Are you a serious Apple fan and aren’t afraid to show off your allegiance to the world? If so, it’s time you combined your two loves and started adding Mac-syncing apps to your wearable tech device. Check out the following collection of must-have Apple Watch apps for Mac enthusiasts; you’re likely to find a few new delicious downloads to add to your digital device.


KeytouchA must-have Apple Watch app for Mac users, the KeyTouch app lets you lock/unlock your Mac from your wearable device. Enter your Mac password on your wristwatch, control the music that plays on your Mac, and do it all without even being in the same room as your Apple computer. What an awesome addition to your wrist, right?


OmniFocusIf you are looking for a top-level task management app for your Apple Watch, the OmniFocus app just might be one of your best bets. Syncing with your Mac, this dandy download lets you manage your email inbox, track your projects, flag tasks, and input tasks based upon your geographic location.

Momentum Habit Tracker

MomentumIf you want to take control of your personal life as well as your professional life, the Momentum Habit Tracker app is a must-discover download. Optimized for the Apple Watch OS2, iOS 9, and Mac’s OX X El Capitan, this powerful application lets you do everything from set habit reminders to schedule fitness appointments. This app syncs with your iCloud and even lets you earn badges for each day you stick to your new goals.

Carrot Weather

Carrot If nasty weather can wreak havoc on your task management goals, you might want to consider adding the Carrot Weather app to your smartwatch. If you are looking for Apple Watch apps with attitude, this one is a must-download. Featuring eerily accurate forecasts, this enchanting app delivers the weather news with a side of sass. Monitor daily weather in your current location and search for weather forecasts by location too. Track hourly and daily weather patterns on both your wearable tech device and your Mac.


EvernoteDid you know you can manage your Evernote files on your Apple wearable as well as on your Mac? Tap to load appointment data, dictate notes into your wrist wearable, and set reminders for upcoming tasks you don’t want to overlook. Now you’ll never have a reason to say you left your files at the office!

The number of Apple Watch apps for Mac users continues to grow. The above-listed applications are just a few of the awesome options at your disposal. Will you be adding any of these downloads to your wearable device?

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