Top 10 Virtual Reality Apps reviewed

Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming more popular and there’s now many different headsets available to purchase.

Here at Nexus we recently bought a Kaiser Baas VR Headset from Maplin costing £34.99.

This is the most affordable and simplest way to experience VR by simply using your smartphone!

The VR-X Headset uses your smartphone sensors in tandem to provide an immersive experience, giving you the perception of being physically present in a non-physical world. All you need to do is download your VR app, slide your phone into the phone bracket and secure the VR-X Headset on your head using the adjustable straps. The headset is completely wireless giving you the flexibility of moving around.

You should make sure that your smartphone is compatible (iOS 8.0 and above or Android 4.1 and above) before using.

VR-X Headset

We decided to test out some VR apps for ourselves and they’ve been reviewed below:

VR Flight Simulator

VR Flight Simulator

The objective of this game is that you’re flying a plane and shooting down other ones. This game was fun to play but when near to the ground it can make you feel a little nauseous however when flying up high you feel fine.



With this app you’re tied to a chair and strange looking people and ghosts are screaming at you. Each time a light flickers you get a glimpse. We think the experience would be much more terrifying at night with surround sound headphones.

Insidious VR

Insidious VR app

This app is based on the horror film Insidious 3. Although it’s only a short clip if you’re experiencing it for the first time it’s quite daunting. It’s full of creepy and frightening faces plus there’s lots of objects being moved and thrown which keeps you on edge constantly. Overall this app was exciting!

If you don’t have a VR headset you can still experience the fun with Discovery VR available to download straight to your phone. Furthermore if you have a Google Cardboard headset you can also use it – just make sure you select the option to use this feature.

Discovery VR

Walk The Tight Rope

This is rather nail biting as you are walking over a tight rope and there’s a massive drop below you. It feels very convincing! Give it a go and see if you make it to the other side.

Get Ready For The Drop

If you love rollercoasters than you must give this a go! You’re sat in the front seat of a rollercoaster as it takes you through rapid twists and turns and upside down. It feels very realistic. As you turn around you can even see other people next to you on the ride.

Charge Head First

Hold on tight as you go bobsleighing at super fast speeds. This gives you a great perception of what kind of view you would get bobsleighing!

Natures Creatures

The quality is impressive and it feels quite real with the monkeys swinging around and with the lizards in front of you. When you look up and see a sloth hanging above it also adds to the whole experience and you feel like you’re there exploring.

Through The Rainforest

Quite similar to ‘natures creatures’ but there’s few animals and more water scenes. There’s a few occasions where you can see the water gushing below and you feel as though you’re there in the rainforest exploring the scenery.

Why Sharks?

Why Sharks is great to try. You feel as though you’re there with sharks which makes you feel vulnerable as you’re not inside a cage. You can also see other people in the water with you and the sharks get close to you which adds to the whole experience.

Haunted By Nicholas

You’re in a group going around a haunted castle seeking any strange activity from a ghost called Nicholas. Everywhere is really dark and you can only see where the torch is being pointed. You go into several different rooms to explore. It does make you feel as though you’re in a haunted place.

If you’ve got a VR headset we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to comment (below) and let us know what your favourite VR apps are. 🙂




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