The Best Apps for Wedding Planning

If you’re planning an upcoming wedding, congratulations to you!

Weddings are exciting events but the hours and months of time and planning that go into them can make it quite stressful. With so much to think about (the big details and the little details) it can leave you wondering where to even start.

Some couples seek the help of a professional wedding planner whereas others prefer to take the lead themselves. If you’re taking control of the entire wedding arrangements it can become very overwhelming, thankfully there are some fantastic apps you can download to help you stay organised and prioritise what you need to do. We hope you find these apps useful and wish you the best for your wedding day!

Here are the must-have wedding planner apps you need to download:

Wunderlist App

The Best Wedding Planning Apps You Must Use

Wunderlist is a task manager app which can be used for creating any type of lists (shopping, holidays, home chores, etc). You may already be a user of the Wunderlist app for general list making, but it is also incredibly useful for wedding planning. If anything springs to mind when you’re out and about you can simply open up the Wunderlist app and jot it down. It couldn’t be any easier!

Features of Wunderlist:

  • Create multiple lists for absolutely anything you like!
  • Receive email notifications for when an item is added or crossed off a list
  • Share lists with other people so they too can see what’s on a list
  • Assign lists to certain people (this can come in handy when you need to give the person organising your hen-do or stag-do a list of names and phone numbers for those you wish to invite!)
  • Set deadlines for things which need actioning by a certain date. You can even set it up so that you receive an email to your inbox when the deadline is due.

Another advantage is that Wunderlist instantly syncs between your devices so you can access your lists from your phone, tablet or computer.

Bridebook App

The Best Wedding Planning Apps You Must Use

The Bridebook app is the ultimate all-in-one wedding app. It has everything covered from budget and guestlist to checklist and countdown. It is filled with wedding inspiration and advice to ensure all aspects of your special day are covered. Don’t waste time with pen and paper, keep it simple and stress-free with this brilliant wedding app.

The Best Wedding Planning Apps You Must Use

Here are the core features:

Helps you find a venue & suppliers

Bridebook contains a directory of wedding venues and suppliers allowing you to search and contact them. You can filter your search and read reviews to help you decide the best venue for your wedding day.

Wedding Checklist & Timeline

With Bridebook you can create a customised timeline with tasks and their due date. An organised and exciting way to guide you right up to the big day!

Wedding Budget

Keep track of expenditure with the wedding budget tool. Easily see a clear breakdown of all your wedding costs and keep track of your expenses along the way. Wedding items can quickly add up so keeping a log of costs is important if you have a strict budget.

Wedding Guest List

Some brides and grooms have said making the wedding guest list is one of the toughest parts. You don’t want to miss anyone off your list but you may also have a strict guest count you’re trying to abide to. Bridebook has a guestlist section to help you organise your wedding guest list. With this app you can organise who you wish to invite to the ceremony and also decide who’s on the evening list.

Wedding Shortlist

Bridebook allows you to save your favourite wedding suppliers which you can then share with others who are getting involved with your big day!

Wedding Tips

There is plenty of advice with the best wedding tips to make your wedding wonderful.

Overall Bridebook is an extremely popular wedding app which has over 1,000 reviews. It has helped many brides and grooms plan their big day. The app is straightforward to use so whether or not you’re tech savvy you’ll easily be able to navigate around the app. It’s also free to download so what are you waiting for? Download it today and get planning!

Amazon Wedding List

Create your wish list with Amazon Wedding List. Wedding guests can struggle for gift ideas so it’s a great idea to create a wish list. Not only will it help the gift buyers, but it also means you’ll stand a better chance of receiving gifts you have asked for and will benefit from.

The Best Wedding Planning Apps You Must Use

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