Got the “Edge faster than Chrome” popup recently? What’s the fastest browser..

Have you been getting popups prompting you to make the switch? Microsoft has been campaigning to push users over to Edge – Microsoft’s newly improved version of Internet Explorer. Windows has been showing popups, tips and alerts linking to this MS page.

“Google’s own performance benchmark shows that Microsoft Edge is faster than Chrome and Firefox.”

So, is it really faster?

Real life tests show that Chrome is marginally faster but it’s so close you’ll probably not notice the difference. Once you start using add-ins within Chrome then Edge will ultimately come out on top. Extensions are coming to Edge and once this has happened we expect it to level out. Microsoft has succeeded in making a faster browser compared to Internet Explorer and it’s worth a spin, if you’re not a big fan of Google and love long battery life.

How to get rid of the pop up…

The Techs at Nexus IT love using Chrome but it’s all down to personal choice. So how do you beat those pesky popups if you don’t fancy changing your default web browser?

Open Settings in the start menu gear -> System -> Notifications & Actions -> Turn off “Get tips, tricks and suggestions as you use Windows”.

Edge gives better battery life

Edge Battery LifeIt’s true! Microsoft is keeping to its word. Edge wins this one hands down! With an average of 1 hour more battery life than Chrome, IE or Firefox it’s the best at holding your laptop charge for longer. We looked at tests carried out by Mashable, Microsoft and PC World and they all show the same boost in battery when browsing.

“Get up to 33% more battery life than Chrome when web browsing with Microsoft Edge”

Our Conclusion

This blog was started as a moan at Microsoft for trying to revert Google customers back to their own browser. In the past IE has been really slow by comparison. In writing this we’ve done our homework and it’s Edge that came out on top. Give it a try and you’ll be surprised at how fast it really is and what a difference it makes to your battery life. Most people are sceptical of messages in popups and will be Googling “Is Edge really better than Chrome?” Unfortunately for Google the answer will be YES every time from us!

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