Essential iPhone Apps – The Best iPhone Apps to use right now

Perhaps you’ve just treated yourself to a new iPhone and you’re going through the set up process wondering what apps you need to install? Or maybe you’re tidying up your phone and are eager to get some new apps installed to try out.

Here’s 10 essential iPhone apps everyone should use:

1) Telegram

Telegram iPhone App

Send your messages fully encrypted with Telegram. Send to individuals or create private group chats if you need to touch base with multiple people. Telegram is fast, free and cloud-based so you can access your messages across your other devices. Telegram is essential if privacy is a concern. With the continuous increase in cyber crime we’re all concerned about our data getting into the wrong hands. All you need is the app installed and an internet connection to use this app. You can also make encrypted phone calls and send images encrypted. Download Telegram today and start using it for peace of mind!

2) Lyft

Lyft iPhone App

You’ve most likely heard of or use Uber however Lyft is basically a slightly cheaper version of Uber. Easily request a pickup point and wait for your driver to arrive. Gone are the days of calling a cab company. With all this technology right at our fingertips we can get things done at the simple press of a button! If you already have the Uber app installed it’s definitely worthwhile having Lyft so you can compare prices for journeys.

3) Shazam

Shazam iPhone App

We’ve all been there where you’ve heard a song you absolutely love but you’ve no idea who the artist is. Shazam has been around for quite some time now, and thanks to this amazing app you can place your phone up against the music playing and Shazam will tell you the name and artist. So the next time you’re in a restaurant or out and about and you hear a song you love, Shazam it!

4) Wunderlist

Wunderlist iPhone App

Wunderlist is the perfect list making app for absolutely everything! Create shopping lists right through to lists for work and home. No more paper notes! You can even share the lists with others and set reminders and alerts for certain things you want to be reminded about.

5) Spotify

Spotify iPhone App

Can you imagine a world without music?! Most of us rely heavily on listening to our favourite tunes – the commute to work, working out in the gym or simply lounging on the sofa with headphones in. If you haven’t already got Spotify installed then this is definitely one you need! You can register for a free account which has adverts or sign up for a small monthly fee. There are also plenty of pre-made playlists for you to take advantage of.

6) PicCollage

PicCollage iPhone App

If you enjoy editing photos and making picture collages then the PicCollage app is for you. You can save your pieces of work to your camera roll, send to friends or upload to your social media. PicCollage allows you to be creative – liven up photos with fun stickers and borders.

7) 1Password

1Password iPhone App

1Password is the safest and easiest way to store ALL your passwords and important information. You’ll never forget a password again. 1Password remembers them all so you don’t have to! The only password you’ll need to remember is the 1 master password to log into the vault.

8) Remote Mouse

Remote Mouse iPhone App

Remote Mouse turns your smart phone into a remote mouse! Ideal for presentations, showing a slideshow or if you don’t have a wireless mouse and simply want to control your computer screen from the other side of the room. Remote Mouse is compatible with both Mac and PC. You’ll also need to install Remote Mouse server on your computer in order to use this app.

9) PayPal

PayPal iPhone App

The easy way to transfer money to friends, family and just about anyone else! It’s likely you have already used PayPal at some point, but you may not have the PayPal app installed on your smartphone. Download the PayPal app today for ease, simplicity and security. The app is extremely useful if you need to make a transfer on the go.

10) Netflix

Netflix iPhone App

If you’re already a fan of Netflix why have you not got the Netflix app installed on your smart phone? Netflix is the ultimate streaming service without commercials. Keep up to date on addictive series, films and documentaries wherever you may be; on the plane, by the pool, a long car journey, the commute to work! There are many different genres to choose from and Netflix will also make suggestions based on what you like to watch. It’s worthwhile downloading your favourites in advance if you’re unsure what the internet connection will be like.

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If there are any other apps you feel are worth a mention please comment below to share. If there are any apps in particular you heavily rely on – that you can’t imagine living without, let us know!

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