Best phone apps for pulling pranks

Whether it’s April Fools’ day or not, pulling a prank on family, friends or work colleagues can be hilarious! As tech progresses and apps become more advanced there are now quite a few apps available for pulling the perfect prank! *Please note we cannot take any responsibility for people’s reactions… hehe!

Pretend to cut hair – Real Razor app


Real Razor appThe sound of an electrical razor can be enough to startle anyone. Creep up behind the victim when they’re least expecting it. Open up the app and push the button to allow the loud razor noise to begin. For added fun you can brush your phone (or another device) along the person’s hair to make the whole thing seem even more genuine.


Make high pitched noises with your phone – iTorturer app


iTorturer appPlay high frequencies with the iTorturer app. The high pitched noise is extremely ear piercing! See how long you can tolerate the noise for.



Make someone believe their car is damaged – Dude, your car! app


Dude, your car appFor most your car is a precious object and let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse than discovering a scratch or chip, let alone something much worse! This app allows you to make a car look damaged and it really does look believable. Simply take a photo of the car you wish to edit and upload the photo to the app. Highlight the area on the car you wish to modify and choose from a scratch, dent, clamp or many more. Once you’re happy with the end result send on the photo and wait patiently for their reaction. It probably won’t take them long to pick up the phone in a state of total meltdown.

Shock your friends – Taser ’em Bro app 


TTaser 'em Bro apphe “Tase ’em Bro” app gives the illusion that you’re using a taser. Download the app, then open it up and press the button. When pressed the phone vibrates loudly, makes the taser noise and also displays an electrical wave on the phone’s screen.


Change your voice – Ultra Voice Changer app


Ultra Voice Changer appChoose from a huge selection of voice tones. Press play to record your voice and the message you wish to say. As soon as you’re ready to put your prank in place dial the number for whom you wish to fool, press the play button and the app will recite your pre-recorded voice (but in the voice tone you chose). See how long it takes for them to realise who it really is… or maybe they’ll just never know!

Discover new tricks – iFool app


iFool appThe iFool app has many different tricks – try the fingerprint option. Once you’ve selected ‘fingerprint’ press on ‘trick someone.’ When the screen goes black and it’s touched it will display fingerprints. The user will probably be very confused to say the least!

We hope you have fun and enjoy testing out these apps. Boredom or rainy days are a perfect time to be a prankster. Always remember to play responsibly 🙂

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