Apps that deliver anything you want within an hour!

Do you sometimes wish you could make an immediate request for something?

With thanks to some truly amazing apps which are now available to provide you with anything you want at your beck and call, the sky really is the limit! Henchman, Deliveroo, UberEATS and Dispatch are on-demand personal assistant services – delivering food, drink, gifts and shopping to you as requested, at lightening speed!


Henchman App


Henchman is the way to get anything you desire delivered. So far they have completed a staggering amount of requests, over 360,000 to be precise! Henchman can deliver anything from restaurants and retail to food and gifts.

How does it work?

1. Place your request online or by using the app – tell Henchman what you want.
2. Henchman will place your order with the shop, pay for the goods and collect
3. Your goods will arrive with you directly to your door in under 60 minutes

No minimum order value

You can order as much or as little as you’d like. For items that do not have a value a flat fee of £9.99 is charged.

What is the delivery charge?

Delivery charges vary from £0.00 – £20.95 (depending).

Every order has a 12.5% handling fee on the value of the items.

How fast can Henchman deliver?

The fastest delivery was done in just 6 minutes.

Next time you’re craving food from your fave restaurant, have a package to send quickly or need dry cleaning collected give Henchman a go and let them show you what a fantastic service really is!





Deliveroo lets you order amazing food from a variety of different restaurants. You’ve probably passed one of the recognisable Deliveroo bikes at some point!

Deliveroo works with countless restaurant chains to deliver their food right to your door whether you’re at home or in an office. Drivers are committed to delivering the food to your door as fast as possible.

Ordering with Deliveroo is extremely simple:

  1. Enter your postcode on the homepage
  2. Up will come all the restaurants that deliver to you
  3. Select whichever one that gets your tastebuds tingling
  4. Put together your order, enter your address and payment details
  5. Sit back and relax whilst Deliveroo gets your food to you ASAP!

The average order takes 32 minutes to complete.

The minimum order value varies depending on the restaurant you order from (typically £15.00).

Deliveroo is expanding rapidly which means things you want quickly will be more accessible than ever before.

You can download the iOS app for free from the App Store.


Seeking something but don’t have the time to get it? Let Dispatch handle that for you!

It’s the easiest way to shop. They’ll find, buy and deliver products from any store within an hour of your choice.

Dispatch App


Using the Dispatch app, send them your request. They will then source and track down whatever your looking for, purchase and deliver it straight to you. Once you’ve been given the quote simply pay with a tap and it will be delivered to you in no time! Dispatch will show you a full price breakdown for the item and delivery before placing your order.

Currently Dispatch is available across zones 1 and 2 in London but intends to become global in the imminent future. Watch this space!

Give Dispatch a go so you can see for yourself. If you’re placing your first order with Dispatch take advantage of this promotional code for one FREE delivery! Promo Code: DXFIRSTORDER. Use the code within chat on the Dispatch app. We hope you enjoy!


Uber is not only the most convenient way to travel but also delivering food to you!
With UberEATS you can get the food you want, from your favourite London restaurants delivered at Uber speed.

First time trying UberEATS? Use promo code: LDNEATS
to enjoy up to £10 off your first order. Available for new users only.

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