Amazing iPhone Magic Trick Apps!

Are you fascinated by magic? Perhaps you enjoy pulling off tricks to your family and friends? We’ve researched some of the best magic apps you should download and experiment with for guaranteed hours of entertainment and amusement.

Magic Trick (By Mikael Montier)

Introducing Magic Trick designed by magician Mikael Montier, showcasing 11 different magic apps available for you to download on your tablet or smartphone. These apps are a popular choice with more than 400,000 user downloads as well as being featured in magic magazines and well-known newspapers.

The app features straightforward influential magic tricks that anyone can pick up including card prediction, iPhone pranks and visual effects using augmented reality. An example of one of the apps involves you asking someone to name a card in the deck, you then scratch your phone’s screen to expose your prediction matching the chosen card.

These apps are great as they provide a video tutorial and are easy to use and perform.

My Pet Boris – Magic Spider (By Ian Pidgeon)

We all know of someone who is afraid of spiders, so if you want to see them jump out of their skin this is definitely a must to try out!

The My Pet Boris app will be sure to startle them. This app uses the idea of augmented reality combining real life objects with computer generated graphics.

The app also comes with a cockroach animation for those who consider them to be more frightening than spiders. For outbursts of laughter try this out on your nearest and dearest and see their reactions.

Magic Kit Pro (By Alakazapps)

Magic Kit Pro includes 19 mesmerising magic tricks for your iPhone or iPad. It will instantly transform your mobile device into the centre stage of attention for your audience.

With a wide variety of magic tricks for different abilities there’s something for everyone; cards, crystal ball, mind reading and optical illusions to name a few! The impressive graphics and interactive 3D visuals really bring it to life.

Additionally, the video tutorials are clear and easy to understand. They show and explain everything you need to know before performing. You can even download the free prop pack to print off at home.

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