5 Things you didn’t know you could do with Uber

Uber is revolutionising the way we travel, completing an average of 1 million rides a day. Uber is available in over 400 cities and 60 countries. But did you know, it’s not only people they deliver?

We’ve listed some things you may not know about Uber:

Deliver a package

Whether you operate a business and need to get an item to a customer quickly or perhaps you just need a parcel delivered same-day, why not use Uber? It’s a quick and efficient way to transport goods. There’s no need to be concerned about safety. When you book with Uber you are provided with the drivers details, and with the ability to track the driver’s route you can see exactly where your parcel is, making Uber a reliable and safe choice.

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Collect your takeaway

Fancy a takeaway but you’re unable to collect? Or maybe the restaurant you want to order from doesn’t deliver to your area. That’s when Uber comes to the rescue! It might seem like a cheeky request but there are Uber drivers who will be willing to pick up your food and deliver it right to your door. So next time you’re in this situation keep this in mind!

VIP services

Introducing UberCOPTER.

Now you can travel in style by helicopter.

Uber has transported people in total style by helicopter to a range of festivals such as the Cannes Film Festival. With the tap of a button you can request a private driver who will transport you to the helipad where you’ll take off. Awaiting your arrival will be another driver to drop you off at your final destination. This really is the height of luxury and elegance.


Uber have added supercars to their platform. They have launched Supercar promotions and trial periods in Singapore, Dubai and India to name a few. Request a Lamborghini or Maserati to pick you up. Some lucky passengers didn’t even have to pay for their ride with Uber’s free ride promotion.

Uber Kittens

To highlight their delivery services Uber delivered rent-a-kittens to raise money for animal shelters. On National Cat Day (29th October) Uber delivered kittens on-demand in over 50 cities. As expected the demand for this was high. After all, who wouldn’t want a cuddle with a cute kitten?

It was $30 for 15 minutes and in turn your support goes towards the participating shelters.

Uber have helped unite kittens with homes through Uber kittens.



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