5 Mind Blowing Augmented Reality Apps


Whether you’re getting into interior design or simply enjoy re-arranging and buying new furniture, then Cimagine is an app you’ll love experimenting with. Has a new item of furniture caught your eye but you’re unsure how it will look in the room? Or perhaps you’re trying to work out if it will fit or clash with the room’s decor? Well, it’s times like this you’ll benefit from this extremely handy app. This app gives you the chance to browse pieces from stores such as Littlewoods. You can then alter the position of the furniture in real-time until you are happy or wish to continue experimenting.

Cimagine have partnered with John Lewis and launched the world’s first augmented reality showroom in the John Lewis store on Oxford Street. This amazing technology allows customers to view life-like visuals of products which is far more advanced than relying on photos and product details from a catalog.


Before committing to a tattoo wouldn’t it be great if you could preview it on yourself before taking the plunge? The InkHunter augmented reality app allows you to preview what a tattoo might look like on your skin before you have it permanently inked on. It can help you decide on what tattoo and where to have it. InkHunter demonstrates a preview of the design which you are able to rotate, customise and position on any part of the body. The app allows you to try out pre-made designs as well as uploading your own.

Crayola Color Alive

Children can also experience bundles of fun with augmented reality apps. Crayola Color Alive brings drawings to life. The app works with Crayola’s Color Alive colouring books or with free downloadable pages that you can print out. Once your child is finished colouring a page you can then scan it into the app and watch the characters come to life with a selection of animations and special effects. It’s a great way to make creativity fun and exciting for children. Allowing them to interact with superheroes they’ve just coloured in – what an amazing experience for a child to encounter!


Going into hospital as an adult can certainly be an overwhelming experience but imagine what it’s like for a child? Being in a daunting unfamiliar surrounding with lots of people and strange noises can make them feel anxious and stressed. SpellBound has been designed for use by paediatric therapists to help occupy and entertain patients, taking their mind off any worries and therefore resulting in better compliance with treatment. SpellBound uses your mobile devices to convert children’s paper books and cards for instance into 3D digital experiences which they can interact and engage with. By combining paper books with technology helps youngsters deal with emotional challenges from hospitalisation.

Here’s a review taken from their website left by a Child Life Specialist at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital:

“With these books, kids can use mobile devices to bring characters from books to life. They pop right off the page and run around your room. We’re only starting to deploy this technology but we’ve already found that it’s really fun for the kids (and the adults).”

Google Translate

Google Translate is the ultimate translation tool. It’s a must-have app for tourists or anyone in need of help with translating. Its augmented reality real-time visual translation feature is incredible. You simply hold up your phone’s camera to focus on the text, and Google Translate will deliver translations of words and phrases from a range of languages. Users can download language packs for when you’re offline or not connected to WiFi.

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