4 Of The Best Tennis Game Apps

Has Wimbledon got you in the zone for tennis?

If you enjoy watching or playing tennis and are looking for some tennis games to play on your iPhone or iPad here are the best tennis apps you should download and play.

Ultimate Tennis (By 9M Interactive Co Ltd)

4 Of The Best Tennis Game Apps

The amazing graphics and visuals make this game feel very realistic. The detail of the court is impressive adding life to the whole experience.

  • There’s different game modes to choose from
  •  You can customise your player’s equipment and skills
  • Play with different players
  • Challenge your friends or random players to a match in real-time

The instructional videos demonstrate how to swing and hit plus useful tips explaining what to do.

Hit Tennis 3 (By Focused Apps LLC)

4 Of The Best Tennis Game Apps

Hit Tennis 3 offers a more hands-on approach. It’s a completely different view and angle to other games as you don’t see your player, it’s as if you’re standing right there on the court. It’s slightly different to other tennis games as the emphasis is all on the swipe movements.
You need to flick or swipe your finger to hit the ball. Put your skills to the test and see if you can win any trophies as you compete with opponents in 24 tournaments.

Tennis Champion (By Giraffe Games Limited)

4 Of The Best Tennis Game Apps

This is a fun app to use. Follow the tutorials to get started. It explains how you can improve your performance and corrects you by showing where to swipe.
You can compete against friends in online multiplayer or split screen multiplayer mode.
The graphics aren’t as good in comparison to Ultimate Tennis but gameplay is great.

Virtua Tennis Challenge (By SEGA)

4 Of The Best Tennis Game Apps

Keep yourself entertained with Virtua Tennis brought to you by multinational video game developer SEGA.

Choose from different modes, shots and courts. You can experiment by playing on different grounds from grass and clay to hard or indoors. Compete in Singles or Doubles against 50 players in 18 stadiums, you can even challenge your friends online.

Obtain top spins, slice shots and more through different touch gestures. If you don’t fancy getting caught up in a long match then opt for quick match mode. The quality of the graphics brings it to reality.

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