3 Amazing Apps To Keep Track Of Your Spending

It can be difficult to keep track of your money. Unexpected costs and impulse buying are just some of the factors which can lead to you over-spending.

You may be trying to save up for something big – perhaps a wedding, holiday, house or to go travelling! It’s a great idea to set yourself a monthly budget and log all of your costs, this will help you reach those important goals.

You’ll need to do a few calculations to get started, for instance working out your income and monthly outgoings, but once you have these figures you can set yourself a budget you want to stick to.

If you’re looking to become more money mindful and want to start monitoring your expenditures here are 3 of the best apps to help you track your spending.

Money Dashboard

This award-winning app is an extremely popular choice with over 200,000 users in the UK.
Money Dashboard shows you all of your accounts in one place. The app allows you to see your future forecast and payment predictions for money incoming and outgoing, helping you to budget more effectively.

Easily create budgets for all your areas of spending. It automatically categorises your spending so that you can see a clear overview of exactly where your money is being spent. Results are also shown in graphs and charts. As Money Dashboard is a read-only app you cannot move any money. The app supports all UK bank accounts and credit cards.


Transfer money – With Yolt as well as being able to move funds between your accounts you can also send payments to friends and family.
Set goals – Easily see your savings history to help you reach your goals!
Track & Budget – You can set different categories to assign your payments to, for instance bills, transport, food etc. This allows you to see where you’re spending most.
Overview – One of the key features of Yolt is that it shows you an overview of all your accounts, this is ideal if you have more than one bank account.


Chip is unlike the other two apps listed above. Chip automatically puts money into savings for you, based on its calculations. This smart and impressive app will help you build up a savings pot without interfering with your daily spending. Chip helps you reach those goals of yours without you needing to do a thing! Track your progress and withdraw the funds to your bank account when you’re ready. Setting up a Chip account is easy and secure. Chip connects with all major banks (visit their site if you want to check). Chip protects your data with bank-grade 128+ bit encryption.


All of these apps are brilliant for those who are on the go. We hope you benefit using them on your journey to achieving those end aspirations. If you’d like to leave a comment, share your feedback on any of these apps, or advise which apps you use we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to comment below.

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