READ THIS BEFORE: booking an Apple Genius Bar appointment

We all know how frustrating it is when issues arise and if it’s with an Apple device the wait for an Apple Genius appointment can be lengthy, so it’s advised to book your Genius appointment as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment.

Certainly don’t walk into an Apple store without an appointment and expect to see an Apple Genius at the Genius Bar. You must ensure you make an appointment prior to visiting, however if the situation is critical and you’re in a rush and fancy trying your luck, there are some tips you can try out from one of our other blogs if you’re hoping to see an Apple Genius without an appointment.

In store appointments are best for hardware related issues, for anything else it’s definitely worthwhile contacting Apple via chat, call or email as the majority of other issues can be resolved without you needing to take the time out to physically visit an Apple store.

Here’s 10 easy steps on how to book your Apple Genius appointment:

1. Go to:

2. Select the product you need help with:

How to book an Apple Genius Bar appointment

3. Once you’ve chosen the product you’ll be asked to select the type of issue you’re having, whether it’s hardware or software related for instance:

How to book an Apple Genius Bar appointment

4. You’ll be confronted with the possible options available to you based on the information you’ve provided.

5. Click on ‘Visit the Genius Bar’

How to book an Apple Genius Bar appointment

6. Sign in with your Apple credentials – Apple ID and password

How to book an Apple Genius Bar appointment

7. Straight after you’ve done this a message pops up asking you to enter the Apple ID verification code sent to you (this will be sent to the mobile number associated with your Apple account)

8. Once you’ve entered the Apple verification code, enter your location to begin searching for the nearest Apple stores to you. A list of Apple stores will appear for you to choose from.

How to book an Apple Genius Bar appointment

Apple will also bring up a map with red pin markers showing where the various Apple Stores are located:

How to book an Apple Genius Bar appointment

9. After you’ve selected the store of your choice a list of available dates and times for you to see an Apple Genius will appear. Select the time you wish to book and your appointment will automatically be confirmed.

How to book an Apple Genius Bar appointment

10. Prior to attending your appointment remember to bring along photo ID which matches the name on the booking, in case this is needed. Additionally you should also take a backup of your device.


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