Apple’s Augmented Reality Glasses

Tech giant Apple has massively developed from the first Macintosh computer in 1976. Since then Apple went on to manufacture iPods, iPhones, iPads and smart watches and they will soon be releasing their AR (Augmented Reality) glasses. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, is an admirer of AR so it will be interesting to see exactly what Apple unveils!

Here’s an overview of what we’re anticipating:

Apple Glasses Release Date

The expected release date for the Apple Glasses is 2020 and its thought that production will commence before the end of this year. It’s hoped that they will be launched in the early part of next year, so with this in mind if you’re planning on buying a pair it may be wise to start saving for them now.

Apple Glasses Price Tag

There are hopes that the Apple Glasses will not be as pricey as other Augmented Reality headsets such as Microsoft’s Hololens 2 which are priced at a staggering $3,500!

It’s believed that Apple may offload the processing to the iPhone, whereas Microsoft’s approach was to build the electronics into the headset. If Apple use this method the Apple Glasses will be more of an iPhone accessory which could bring the cost down considerably.

Apple Glasses Design

So far the design of the glasses is unknown, but as ever we can expect Apple to deliver and combine innovation with a contemporary design. Furthermore, if the processing unit isn’t integrated into the glasses in theory they should be lightweight.

Apple Glasses Features

The specification is unspecified but some of the hoped-for features are; a natural looking design, long battery life and full 3D Augmented Reality integration. There’s already a handful of AR Smart Glasses available to purchase, such as the Vuzix Blade, Google Glass Enterprise and ODG R-7, however their design may not be appealing to all and their prices range from $1000 – $2750. If Apple are to make a success of their glasses they need to thoroughly consider not only the price but also the design and features.


Are you considering purchasing the Apple Glasses when they enter the market? What are your thoughts on AR glasses and do you think they will be in popular demand? We’d love to hear from you – comment below to share your views.

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