How to see an Apple Genius without an appointment

We understand that a trip to Apple can be time intensive and without an Apple Genius appointment it can be almost impossible to have your computer or device looked at. The availability for Apple appointments can be a long wait, therefore we’ve decided to list some useful points that may just give you a helping hand in seeing a member of the Apple Genius team – without making an advance booking.

1) Arrive early, as soon as the Apple Store opens. If you’re one of the first people in and the store is quiet then you will stand more of a chance of being seen to.

2) Everyone knows that Saturdays are the busiest day to go shopping so you should definitely avoid visiting the Apple Store on a Saturday if you have not got a pre-arranged appointment.

3) Be polite but stress the urgency. Remember that manners don’t cost anything and if you’re nice then people are more likely to want to assist and help you.

4) Phone the Apple support helpline prior to visiting the store to run through telephone support diagnostics. This could fix your problem but better still if you have to visit an Apple Store it will make the process quicker for them, meaning they may be more likely to squeeze you in.

5) *WARNING* – The only way to 100% guarantee an appointment with an Apple Genius is to book one so if you really can’t take any risks be sure to book an appointment with the Apple Store before you visit.

After all, who says that you have to see an Apple Genius? If your Apple Mac is outside of warranty then you don’t have to feel obliged to use Apple for the repair.

Businesses like ourselves who are members of the Apple Consultants Network and have Apple Certified Staff are capable of carrying out Apple repairs. Another benefit of using our friendly team at Nexus is that we understand the importance of needing computers and technology in our daily lives, therefore we always strive to give the best possible service and aim to provide you with a quote for repair within 24 hours* of leaving your equipment with us (*excluding weekends and bank holidays).

Repairs carried out by Apple can be lengthy as you need to wait for the next available appointment, and as Apple has many computers and devices booked in daily this could mean that your poorly Mac may be back of the queue! So if you’re looking for a faster repair don’t hesitate to use Nexus – contact us today.

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