Windows vs Mac: Which is Better in 2018?

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When it comes to choosing a computer, the debate always comes down to Windows vs. Mac. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, making them both viable choices. It can also depend on whether you’re using your computer for business or personal use.

So Windows vs. Mac – which is better in 2018? Here’s a breakdown of the two machines feature by feature for you to decide which suits your needs better.

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Apple Mac Design


On the whole, MacBooks and iMacs have much nicer designs than Windows PCs and laptops. That’s not to say all of them- there’s a wide range of Windows machines available from different manufacturers. However, the Mac design has become an iconic feature of their computers.

It can depend on what you’re looking for. Windows machines often have more responsive keyboards and mouses with multiple buttons. Nonetheless, many consumers prefer the simplicity and aesthetic of Macs.


Microsoft Software


Windows takes the edge when it comes to software. Macs have some great exclusive software, such as GarageBand, Spaces, and Aperture. However, practically every popular software online is available for Windows, while not all are optimized for Macs.

You can use Windows software on Mac by using software such as Boot Camp. You can also emulate Mac OS X on Windows with some virtual machine software. Nonetheless, the software will work much better on the machine it’s optimized for, and Windows takes the lead there.


Windows Computer Virus


Macs are ahead of Windows machines when it comes to security. The gap has become smaller over the years, with Windows improving security features and more vulnerabilities found for Macs. However, on the whole, you’re much less likely to face security problems on Macs.

When it comes to cybersecurity, most attackers focus their efforts on Windows machines. They’re easier to exploit and more widespread, especially in business. Windows machines are susceptible to more malware attacks, but with a good antivirus and security knowledge, you’re less likely to face this.


Gaming Computer

When it comes to high-performance activities like gaming, Windows is the only way to go. Support for modern games is lacking on Apple machines. You can find tons of Windows PCs and laptops with strong Nvidia and AMD graphics cards built in. You can also modify them to include them. The same can’t be said for Macs.

You can still game on the Mac- even some popular games like Fortnite can be played on MacBooks and iMacs. However, for high-quality gaming, Windows wins every time.

Customer Support

Apple Genius Bar


Windows machines come from various different manufacturers with different customer support ratings. But on the whole, Apple beats all of them.

Apple is renowned for outstanding customer service. If you have any problems with your Mac, you can take it straight into your local Apple store to get the problem fixed. Windows is notorious for having various hard-to-fix errors. What’s more, getting your Windows machine fixed often requires sending it back to the manufacturer for a couple of weeks.


Computer Costs


Windows laptops and computers are available at much lower price points than Macs. What’s more, when putting the same priced machines head to head, you’ll get more quality components like graphics cards and processors in Windows computers.

Mac prices can be justified, though. They’re built-to-last and have great customer support, meaning a £1,000 MacBook can last you for years on end. With Windows, it can depend on the manufacturer.


Both machines have positives and negatives. Macs are famed for security, stylish design, a simple user interface, and strong customer support. However, Windows machines are affordable, great for high-performance gaming, and have more software available on them.

Both can make viable choices either for personal or business use. Many businesses use Windows, as it’s cheaper to buy Windows computers in bulk to supply the whole office. However, Mac is also a good choice for cybersecurity reasons.

As far as choosing a personal computer, you’ll need a Windows computer for gaming but otherwise, both can be fast and efficient when it comes to things like messaging, social media, and browsing the web.



I have used Macs for 5 years or so. I always end up doing only a few things on them. Shopping online, watching YouTube, syncing an iPhone, taking a note or two, backing up and basically browsing the internet. Rarely do I dig deeper or learn something new.

I guess it depends on who the person is. Many IT pros like myself use Mac at home because they’re fed up with whatever they have to support at work, and that’s OK. Provided it’s enough for them.

Me? I just feel too limited. I’m moving back to the Redmond world. The hard thing will be to give up the iMessage. Sending an image, a meme or a small video straight from the computer to someone’s phone is priceless. That said, however, I can’t remain in macOS. Apple has shown lately that their agenda is slightly misaligned in relation to people’s needs.

– The artificial push to drop 32-bit apps will shrink the not-so-big software base (some developers won’t bother converting their software to 64-bit). The argument of “Why are you still using 10-year-old software?” is as good as asking “Why are you still alive?”…
– Shoving USB-C as the only expansion port on MacBooks stops me from buying one (I’m sorry, I won’t dump a whole bunch of equipment because they decided to remove all the needed ports, yet hypocritically left them alone on iMac Pro).
– Touch bar has a flaw or two… now you see the button… now you don’t!
– Their scarcity tactics of economics 101 are getting on my nerves. “Let’s prematurely remove some useful things and charge money if people still want them!” Forget the fact that a MacBook with all these dongles looks like someone on the intensive care unit…
– The complaints from media professionals send a really negative signal too. On forums and in various comment sections I often see old artist pros confess they still use their 10 y.o. Macs that they’ve upgraded to the limit. Very few are OK with Apple’s changes and monstrous payments required for new and limited hardware. Not everything works great wirelessly yet, which brings me to the next point…
– Wireless headphones. While for some people they’re OK, for many they’re not. Taking a pair of earbuds for a trip and not making it to the end is just bad. Going for a hike for several days… yeah.
– Moving on. Reparability and upgradability of nearly all recent hardware is almost impossible and unfeasible.
– Unwillingness of Apple to listen to people’s needs results in arrogance.
– On top of all that, there’s always this Hintergedanke at the back of my mind that Steve Jobs once coined:
“Many companies forget what it means to make great products. After initial success, sales and marketing people take over and the product people eventually make their way out.”
– So, until Tim Cook makes a radical change, or has a successor whose entire life revolves around making tech products, this company will likely appear to be a stream of incoherence.

If you still want a Mac, consider the direction Apple is moving in, not just the product at hand and what it can do at this moment. Try to think forward and extrapolate…


My opinion to the T. Using Mac, iPhone, AppleTV, iPad and Apple Watch. Tired of Apple as a company. And their ignorance towards their customers. Miss you a lot, Steve Jobs. Going for Windows now…


Aperture has been discontinued since 2015 FYI. For that matter there is a narrow section of software apple ‘does better’ in my opinion. Garageband, Logic Studio are somewhat niche and so I wont really consider them. Safari is the best web browsing experience with Chrome a close second. iMessage as the Naryfa noted is just SPLENDID to use saving you from picking up your phone which in 2018-2019 is tiresome enough.

I have been using Macs for about 10 years now. I too like Naryfa am very strongly considering a jump back to PC’s. The issue is not just cost – it’s the highly constrained apple ecosystem and lack of software. Don’t get me wrong I love apple products. I wont be touching an Android phone in the near future.

Back to my researching and hunting. I will say Apple (used to) make the purchasing process easy. However, they have the worst product differentiation in their history now. IMac 21.5”, 27 “, iMac Pro … iMac 27” not refreshed in almost 2 years – so if the computer lasts you “5 years” well you just lost 2 off the top as it’s 2 years old. Part of the game with Apple is purchase timing and it is worse than ever. So if you want an iMac now, in 5 years it’s 7 year old tech. You can get the latest parts for PC NOW… Those screens tho, damnit, they are nice. Can apple just make a monitor please. Just a monitor company…


So the last post was obviously from a techie and I am here typing on my mac book to post my normal user opinion. I use a PC at work
Both platforms have their good and bad bits. It also depends what you want to use the computer for.

The apple design is iconic. My MacBook and my iMac look great and you feel like you own a sleek computer version of James Bonds silver Aston Martin DB5. That feeling never goes away. They last and the build quality is great. No flappy bits of plastic and no keyboard letters falling off. My MacBook is 3 years old and reasonably careful use looks brand new still even though I frequently drag it around in my back pack and have dropped it. My colleagues using older versions also still look good. However this quality does not come cheap and you must decide if it is worth it. I suggest if you only browse the internet and do a few emails, then just get a tablet.
You will get better power and spec for the price with a PC but because the IOS platform is so much simpler than windows and less clunky then you do not need such a high spec and power to run the operating system. You will have to buy a higher spec computer that runs Windows to get the same performance as a mac running IOS simply because windows is an open platform which is very buggy and unwieldy and takes more power to run. So taking that into account the price points get less far apart.
However, where Microsoft Windows does win out is in the fact that more business software runs on it. Also if you use Microsoft office, you will get more functionality using the PC version. (You don’t think Microsoft would be stupid enough to license an equal version to Mac users – really!)
If you are going from PC to Mac then there is a mild learning curve but not too much.
Final verdict.
I like using both platforms but I would use Mac at home and PC at work. The Mac has more of a leisure feel and is reliable and stable. The IT guys at work are responsible for keeping my PC running and sorting out it’s myriad crashes and not me. That having been said, you have more control over a PC and it can be fun from a techy point of view as it is open platform. Microsoft apps run better on it and have more functionality. Go for Mac for Leisure and PC for business


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