Why Mac Is Better Than PC

The Mac vs PC war has been raging for a long time, with people in both camps convinced that their choice is the right one. To settle the dispute, let’s take a look at the evidence to see what benefits and drawbacks are offered by PCs and Macs.


When you buy a PC, you know that the hardware and software have been produced by different companies, which can lead to compatibility issues. Apple produces both the Mac and the operating system that runs on it, leading to fewer crashes and a smoother user experience.


The Apple OS X interface is simple and intuitive. Unlike Windows, which goes through drastic and often unnecessary changes between each released version, Apple only improves the parts of its Mac operating system that need updating. The result is a beautifully simple user interface that uses visual icons and a user-friendly layout to make it easier for both novices and computer experts to get things done.


The truth is that Macs are less likely to be attacked by viruses than PCs running Windows. Microsoft fans argue that this is only because the Mac’s small user base means it’s not worth internet scammers’ time to write viruses for Macs. While there is some truth in that claim, it doesn’t change the fact that Mac owners are currently less at risk than Windows users, including those who hide behind a vast army of processor-hogging anti-virus software.

No Bloatware

So many PCs come loaded down with unnecessary programs that clog up the Start menu and are of little to no use to the average computer owner. Macs offer a refreshing freedom from this irritating bloatware, allowing users to install only the programs they want and that are useful on their machine.


If you really need to run your Mac as a PC, you can do so using Windows virtualization software. This handy functionality allows you to run Windows-only applications on your Mac. Most of the time, you will be happier working in the native Mac desktop, but it’s a useful tool for those occasions when you absolutely must conform to the Windows way of doing things.


Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter. Although it is possible to find a PC that matches the specifications of a Mac, it won’t have those incredibly useful details that signify the high quality of a Mac. For example, the Mac MagSafe connector prevents your computer being damaged or pulled off the table when someone trips over the power cable. Macs are also usually lighter and smaller than comparable PCs, and the improved Mac touchpad makes navigating through large documents a much less frustrating experience than it would be on a PC.


There is no denying that Macs have an aesthetic edge over PCs. While this isn’t by itself a convincing reason to buy a Mac rather than a PC, it is a nice touch. Working on a sleek, elegant MacBook Pro inspires digital artists to create stunning works of art; maybe it is time the rest of us started to appreciate the appeal of the Mac.

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