What will Mac OSX 10.7 do for your Apple Mac?

As you may have heard, Lion is Apple’s new, highly anticipated OS X. And with the slogan, “Lion, King of the Jungle”, big things are expected from this latest operating system.

Apple haven’t released much information about it yet, mainly because Microsoft will be challenging them with their new operating system “Windows 8”.
If you love the iPad you will love Lion; Apple really are bringing the magic of the iPad to your Mac with its functionality and making it even easier to work or play. Here are some of the released confirmed features of what Lion has to offer:
The Mac App Store – brings the success of the app store to you mac. No more searching the web or going out shopping you can get it straight on your mac with the best prices straight from Apple.
The Launchpad – the home for your applications. It takes the simplicity of the iPhone OS as Apple puts your apps in your face with scroll features. Just click on the Launchpad and your there.
Full screen apps – the name says it all. Your applications brought to full screen so you will never be distracted again! You can now concentrate on your work or games on a grander scale.
Mission Control – you’re in control of everything on your mac with a birds eye view, you’ll see every window with an app thumbnail so you know exactly what your doing with one click of the button.

We can’t wait for the release date to upgrade our Macs here! What features would you like to see Apple bring to Lion?

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