What to do with your old tablet?

Most of us own a tablet of some sort, whether it’s an Apple iPad or Android.

We can sometimes be guilty of buying the latest gadget we can get our hands on as soon as it hits the market and then at some point down the line it becomes neglected and forgotten about.

Perhaps you’ve just done a spring clean and found a dusty tablet you admittedly forgot about. Well, there’s no need to beat yourself up about it. There’s good news! With a variety of uses for those un-used iPads and tablets the possibilities are endless.

We’ve put together a list of useful things you can turn your Apple or Android tablet into, so that it has a new purpose and becomes a part of your daily life.

Photo Frame

Upload all of your best memories onto your tablet to create a slideshow. To find the best location for where to place your tablet, find a spot in the most used room in your home. You’ll be reminded daily of all the great times and experiences you’ve had so you’ll never forget a good moment.


Your tablet may already have a feature to support itself standing (E.G. if you’ve got the Microsoft Surface) however if not you can simply purchase a suitable device to help prop up your tablet.
If you’ve got an iPad check out this iPad stand:

Once you’ve put this in place you can set up a clock face of your choice by downloading a suitable app, such as Alarm Clock – One Touch (Zuhanden GmbH)


Why not convert your tablet into a radio or even set it to play your favourite playlist? Check out the TuneIn Radio app which enables you to stream live radio or sign up to Spotify to start creating your own playlists.

Remote control for home

Setup your tablet to control your heating, smart bulbs (check out Philips Hue) and CCTV alongside other web-connected devices.

Screen for children

Keep your children occupied on those long car journeys by mounting your tablet to the headrest. This practical and genius idea will not only keep them happy but will also give you peace of mind whilst driving, it may even reduce the regular “are we there yet” questions (*however no guarantees!)

A toy for your cat

Seriously, we’re not kidding! Allow your tablet to keep your cat entertained even when you’re not around. Download a cat app and introduce your cat to the game. With a wide range of different apps to choose from your cat will be amused for hours! You can read our recent blog about cat apps to find out more.

Don’t let your tablet go to waste. It’s time to give it a new lease of life. Get experimenting today!

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