Top 3 iPhone Fitness Apps

Do you like keeping fit, or want to get started? Now, you can keep track of your progress through your mobile phone, making it easy, portable and convenient. Here are three of the top fitness apps for the iPhone.

1) All-in Fitness Pro

By signing up to All-in Fitness Pro (either by email or via Facebook), you’ll be able to track your progress and set daily workout goals to keep you on target.

All-in Fitness Pro App

To sign up, you’ll have to input some personal details, including your weight, lifestyle and whether you have any health restrictions (bad back, osteoporosis, etc.). Once you’re logged in, you’re given four main options.

All-in Fitness Pro App

The Training Plan lets you add workouts and activities into a log calendar, meaning you can set up exercise plans to suit you.The Calorie Counter allows you to input meals so you can keep your diet under control. The Body Tracker calculates your BMI, or Body Mass Index, and the Exercise Base pinpoints certain body parts to work on. This is a great app if you’re already into fitness, as some of the concepts can be quite complicated.

2) MyFitnessPal

This app is perfect for in-depth calorie counting. Not only does it allow you to keep a daily/weekly food diary, it also gives you in-depth nutritional information about each meal.

MyFitnessPal App

Based on your height, weight and lifestyle, the app calculates how many calories you should consume each day if you want to lose weight. Combined with the food diary, you can control the amount you eat.

MyFitnessPal App

MyFitnessPal is the perfect app to keep track of your diet, so if you’re planning on getting your eating habits under control, be sure to download it.


This app isn’t just for running, but for cycling and walking too. It will measure the time and distance you run/cycle/walk for and lets you set realistic goals to meet.

RunKeeper App

The app tracks you using GPS to give an accurate reading of the distance you’re travelling. It even allows you to play music on your iPhone while you exercise, to keep you motivated and entertained! RunKeeper will help you get into a fixed exercise regime. Just be sure that you have secure pockets or an iPhone holder while you run!

Do you use any fitness apps that we’ve missed out? Let us know in the comments!

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