The best Mac gestures you need to know

There’s loads of handy Mac gestures worth knowing when using a Magic Trackpad or Magic Mouse. The Mac gestures are really useful once you know them and better still they can save you time!

To begin with let’s start with Mouse gestures, for this you’ll need an Apple Magic Mouse.


scroll on apple magic mouse

To scroll simply use one finger and swipe up or down.

Go between pages

go between pages on apple magic mouse

Using one finger either swipe to the left or right to present the previous or the following page.

Smart zoom 

smart zoom on apple magic mouse

In order to zoom in and out of a web page tap twice with one finger.

Open Mission Control

open mission control on apple magic mouse

With two fingers tap twice to bring up Mission Control.


We’re now moving onto Trackpad gestures:

In order to use Trackpad gestures you’ll need a Magic Trackpad or built-in Multi-Touch trackpad.


how to scroll on apple trackpad

To scroll put two fingers together and glide up, down, left or right on the trackpad.


tap to click on apple trackpad

To click just press with one finger. To right-click press with two fingers.

Go between pages

go between pages on apple trackpad

Using two fingers slide either left or right whether you want to see the next or previous page.

Zooming in or out

zoom in or out on apple trackpad

To zoom in or out simply use two fingers to pinch inwards or pinch outwards.

Smart zoom

smart zoom on trackpad

Using two fingers tap twice to zoom in or zoom out of a web page.


rotate on apple trackpad

To rotate an image for instance, move two fingers around each other.

Show your desktop

show desktop on apple trackpad

Keeping three fingers together, spread apart your thumb and three fingers to show your desktop.


drag on apple trackpad

Place three fingers together and drag to pull items along on your screen. Then to drop them either tap or click in the desired place.

Mission Control

mission control on apple trackpad

Put four fingers together and slide upwards to open up Mission Control.

Display Launchpad

launchpad on apple trackpad

To show Launchpad bring together your thumb and three fingers in a pinch motion.

Notification Center

open notification center

With two fingers slide from the right to the left to bring up Notification Center.

Data Search

look up data on trackpad

Using three fingers tap to search. You can search for things such as a word, phone number, date or any other data.

Reveal App

app exposé on trackpad

Place four fingers together and slide downwards to view all the windows of the app you are using.

*The above images are from Apple’s website:

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