Smart Security Tips for Your Brand New iPhone

When the original Apple iPhone hit the market more than a decade ago, it took the tech world by storm. From its first days on the market, it was clear the iPhone was more than just another communication device, and its usefulness has only increased since those early days.

From its innovative design to the enormous number of apps, the iPhone has truly been a game changer. What really set it apart, however, was the fact that it was more than just a phone. Even the most basic smartphone is actually a tiny computer, and therein lies its usefulness.

The fact that the iPhone and other smartphones are really small computers is apparent, but not everyone who uses such a device understands the implications. The fact that the iPhone in your pocket is actually a powerful computer means you need to take security seriously.

Even the most trusting Apple fan would not forgo security on their laptop or desktop computer, but many have not yet secured their iPhones. If you are using your iPhone unprotected, you are living on borrowed time – and playing with fire. With that in mind, here are some smart security tips every iPhone owner needs to know.

Secure Your Apple Account with Two-Factor Authentication

Even if your iPhone is perfectly secure, a hacker could still access your information. All they need is access to your Apple ID, so lock it down with two-factor authentication.

Turning on two-factor authentication is an essential security precaution for Apple iPhone users, and the sooner you turn it on, the safer you will be. It may take a little longer to log into your account, but the enhanced security will be well worth the extra effort.

Make Your Passphrase As Long As Possible

If you are still using a four-digit passphrase on your iPhone, it is time to get serious about security. Those short passphrases simply do not provide the high level of security you need so up the ante and go with a longer phrase or code.

Making your passphrase as long as possible will greatly enhance your security, so think up something clever and keep it close to your vest. Avoid phrases and codes that are easy to guess, like your birthdates or the ages of your children. Choosing a passphrase that is meaningful to you but meaningless to others is the best way to secure your iPhone and your private information.

Keep Your iPhone Up to Date

Apple is always updating its systems, so pay attention and keep your iPhone up to date. Make sure you are running the latest version of the iOS operating system, install updates for your apps and delete old apps you no longer use.

Speaking of apps, be careful what you download. Read the reviews of any app you are considering, research the publisher and download only apps with a strong track record. Apple is very good at vetting the apps in its catalog, but with so many out there it is easy for risky software to slip through the cracks.

If you love your Apple iPhone, you are not alone. Millions of people love their phones, and they use them every day. That is why it is so important to safeguard your information and secure your powerful device. When you carry the iPhone, you are carrying a tiny computer, and that computer deserves the most powerful protection you can find.

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