16 Siri Tricks you didn’t know

Apple’s Siri digital assistant is on hand to answer questions or retrieve information about things you wish to find out. However not all of Siri’s abilities are exposed and there’s plenty of hidden features to explore.

Here’s a list of the most enthralling hacks we’ve found Siri can do.

1. Allow Siri to tell you a joke

There’s no guarantee how good the joke will be but if you’re willing to take a gamble then ask Siri to tell you a joke and it might just make your day!

2. Song Identification

That moment where you’re on the go but you’ve just heard a tune you’ve fallen in love with. To identify the song ask “what song is playing?” Siri will distinguish the track for you.

3. Find aeroplanes flying above

Ask Siri “what planes are flying overhead?” and a list of planes currently flying over your location will be retrieved, including a map to help identify them.

4. Find what films are being shown at your local cinema

Say “What films are being shown in London today?” Siri will search and display its findings.

5. Work out which restaurant to dine in

You can ask Siri to find the type of cuisine you’re looking for – “Which Italian restaurants are nearby?”

6. Calculate your ETA

Siri can give you a time of arrival, simply say “ETA” and Siri will give you the estimated time that you should expect to arrive at your destination.

7. Take a photo

Siri can open up your camera immediately ready for you to take a picture

8. Calorie checker

Tracking calories during the day can be time consuming. Siri can estimate the number of calories in many foods, for example “How many calories in a banana?”

9. Convert measurements & currency

Need to convert pounds to dollars, inches to centimetres or pounds to kilos? Conversions can tangle your brain so why not just tell Siri what you’d like to convert from and to and let it work it out for you?

10. Flip a coin or roll a dice

You can ask Siri to flip a coin, and it’ll randomly tell you either heads or tails. So next time you need to work out who’s doing the cleaning and you don’t have a coin to hand remember to ask Siri! You can also ask Siri to roll a dice.

11. Find someone’s location

If you’re familiar with the ‘Find My Friends’ app or a friend is sharing location information with you, ask Siri to find that certain person and it will bring up their location on a map.

12. Do Not Disturb

Say “do not disturb” to Siri and it turns on a function to silence the device. You can even turn off the phone’s cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity by saying “airplane mode.” This trick is perfect for giving you some peace and quiet and keeping you away from unwanted disruptions.

13. Remember birthdays or other important dates

Not sure when a certain date falls on, such as Easter which changes each year? Well you can ask Siri to confirm. Need to double check a birthday? No problem, providing you have birthday information saved in your contacts, you can ask Siri what day a friend’s birthday is due. So now there’s no excuses if you’re late!

14. Solve equations

Siri is on hand to help with your mathematical equations, whether they’re simple or complex.
When reading out your calculation to Siri it’s a good idea to speak a little slower to avoid any confusion.

15. Find photos using Siri

Eager to show someone last years holiday pics but fed up of scrolling through the hundreds of photos to get there? Well, you needn’t do this anymore. Save time and use Siri to find photos using time and location. For instance you can say “Show me photos from last week” (or any other date range).
Siri can also search for photos taken in a specific location or city.

16. Check sports scores

Siri can check sports information so when you next need to know who is winning a league just ask Siri what the score is for the team name, or ask when the next game is.

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