Make your 2011 resolution to back up everything!

The way forward is to back up, so do it now before it’s too late…

Many people store lots of important items on their computer such as photos of their children growing up, C.Vs, accounts, school homework, music, videos and e-mails. All these things are priceless and cannot be replaced.

It’s definitely wise to make sure you’re always backed up. Nobody wants to put themselves through data loss. It’s impossible to calculate the life span of a hard drive. Hard drives can go wrong at any time, whether it’s simply due to unfortunate circumstances, wear-and-tear or maybe your computer has been dropped or knocked. It’s important that you are prepared for when it goes wrong.

Nexus in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire are offering an automatic back up solution for your computer, whether you have an Apple Mac or PC we can install the backup for you. Contact us and leave it to us 01753 884700.

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