The iPhone X Jargon Buster

With the introduction of any new mobile device comes new technology and new language to describe it. The Apple iPhone X is no different. Despite the addition of a lot of enjoyable features, unless you are a tech guru, you might struggle to understand what they all are. Luckily, you have the iPhone X jargon buster to help you out.

Super retina display

iPhone X retina display

The super retina display is an advancement of Apple’s well-established retina displays. They have always been proud of having superb display features, and the latest installment has furthered their reputation. With OLED technology, the super retina display boasts market-leading contrast. In English, that means that the difference between the darkest and lightest pixels is more defined than any other device. Apple claims that their ratio stands at 1 million to 1, which means you get a fantastic depth of colour and contrast.

TrueDepth camera

iPhone X true depth camera

The TrueDepth camera sounds like another gimmick but it is far from that. The depth recognition allows the camera to survey a scene in the same way that your eye does. It knows the highs and lows of colour, shadow, depth, and distance. You can draw things into the foreground, highlight the background, and give your pictures an immersive feel. Much of what you might do to an image in photo editing software you can now do automatically. The super retina display is essential when complemented by the camera, as the camera collects the photons of light that make up your beautiful images. Both pieces of technology come together for a superb visual experience.

Facial recognition

iPhone X facial recognition

The facial recognition feature has had considerable media attention although much of the technology remains a closely guarded secret at Apple. The technology works in a 3D plane when checking that you are you. In previous versions of facial recognition, you could just hold up a photo of the owner and the device would unlock. That made the system useless, so people went back to more traditional methods. The new iPhone features infrared dots that hit your face at different depths. It feeds back into the phone and creates a 3D image of you that can’t be imitated by a photograph.

Surgical-grade stainless steel

iPhone X stainless steel

When creating the iPhone X, Apple wanted to give it better durability than its predecessors. It toughened the glass and added surgical steel to the case. Surgical steel is a much stronger type of steel that can be non-ferrous. You might wonder what process creates surgical steel but the full scientific explanation is complex and very deep. Steel changes structure at different temperatures. If you quench the steel at the correct rate, you can achieve measurable crystalline structures. The iPhone uses a structure in the surgical steel range.

A11 Bionic

The A11 Bionic is the chip that the iPhone X uses. Now, most people don’t care about how the phone works, they just want it to be on point and performing to a high standard all the time. The chip gives a reported 30% higher graphics performance than the previous iteration. It also houses all the know-how for the true depth camera. It knows how much light is being allowed into the aperture, how much colour, and how to translate all that data into pixels. It can even perform up to 600 billion operations per second. The internal workings of the device use a lot of processing power to let you play with the new Animojis feature. Despite all of that internal effort, the iPhone X achieves it without breaking a sweat.

In a market where users are acutely aware of what the competition has to offer, Apple must stay at the forefront of innovation. Every new installment of the iPhone brings fresh ideas, useful productivity tools, and groundbreaking technology to discerning customers. They have shown that they are more than capable of the task and that they remain one of the top manufacturers in the industry.

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