iPhone storage full? 5 easy ways to free up space on your iPhone

Are you getting frustrated with your phone telling you to free up space before you can take new photos?

To assess how much space you’re using on your phone go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage. The figures displayed under Storage show the amount of space used locally and the amount still available.

If you then click on where it says ‘Manage Storage’ a list will be generated showing all your applications categorised from largest to smallest. If you come across anything you don’t need then deleting them will definitely free up space.

Here’s what you need to do to fix this pesky storage problem:

Delete apps you don’t use

Most of us are guilty of downloading an app and only using it once or twice before we get bored of it and you’ll probably find that half of the apps you’ve downloaded are no longer of interest. Also some apps come pre-installed on your phone which may be of no use to you, if this is the case delete them to help free up space.

Delete duplicated photos

Do you find yourself taking several identical snaps just in case one of them doesn’t turn out right? If you’re guilty of this for one reason or another – concerned about blurriness, being photo bombed or for any other reason – that’s a lot of additional photos you don’t need to keep hold of. Set aside some time to go through and delete the duplicates!

Delete unwanted videos

Videos and music can take up a lot of space so clear them up from time to time. You’re bound to find some videos you don’t need, of course keep the funny ones!

Optimise your iCloud settings

If your phone is low on space, full-resolution photos and videos are automatically replaced with optimised versions. Full-resolution versions are stored in iCloud.

To set this up on your iPhone simply go to Settings > iCloud > Photos

Then ensure you’ve ticked the option for ‘Optimise iPhone Storage’

After doing this you’ll need to ensure your phone is kept on with enough battery and connected to wifi whilst it optimises your photos, this may take a few hours or a day until it completes.

Use Dropbox

Copying your photos and videos to another cloud-based service means you can delete them from your iPhone therefore freeing up plenty of storage space. Using Dropbox is one of the easiest ways to do so as it has a mobile upload feature within its iPhone app.

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