iOS 7 – What’s New?


Tim Cook, Apple Inc.’s CEO, unveiled the latest iPhone operating system, the iOS7 at the World Wide Developer’s Conference this week. It’s a drastic change from previous iOS models, not only in terms of design but also in functionality. Here are a few newly-introduced features.

1) Completely revamped design

iOS7 has completely changed its design, moving onto a much simpler, flatter interface.  The new design has shifted away from skeuomorphism – the use of real-world textures (think of the iBooks app’s pine bookcase effect), in favour of as much cleaner look. One cool feature is the new parallax effect – when a user tilts the iPhone, the icons shift against the background image, making them pop out. The icons have shifted to a more basic design now, too.

2) Camera filters

You can now apply filters to your photographs – even in real time by looking through the viewfinder and taking a shot with the filter already in place. The filters don’t quite have the same variety as, say, Instagram’s, but it’s a refreshing update.

3) Social Media Integration

On top of Facebook and Twitter integration, iOS7 also includes Vimeo and Flickr as built-in services.

4) FaceTime Audio Calls

FaceTime now has an audio call service. We feel like this defeats the purpose of the name ‘FaceTime’, but we suppose it’s a handy option to have!

5) The Control Centre

By swiping up from the bottom of the screen, you’ll be faced with the Control Center. Here, you can access popular settings, including brightness, WiFi and Bluetooth. You also have easy access to a torch, camera, calculator and alarm clock.

6) Double Tapping

Double tapping the Home button now brings up a full-screen preview of your applications. You can scroll between apps and view real-time previews.


What are your opinions on the new iOS? Let us know in the comments!

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