How to Set Up an iPhone 5

It’s Christmas Day. You grab a present and open it up to discover the iPhone 5 you’ve wanted since its release! But now what? How do you get started? Here’s a quick and easy guide to setting up your iPhone 5!

First, you’ll need to activate the phone. Turn it on by holding down the button located at the top of the iPhone, on the right. You’ll see the Apple logo for a short while, and will then be faced with a Setup Assistant. Here, you can select which WiFi network you’d like to use, create an Apple ID, activate Location Services and set up iCloud. It’s a very simple case of following the on-screen instructions. These choices aren’t permanent, however. You can change them later on, so don’t worry.

If you’ve never had an iPhone before, now is the time to add your contacts, apps, set up your emails and fiddle with your settings.  Apple has made adjusting settings incredibly easy to understand, so it should be a walk in the park.

iOS6 Settings Icon

If you’re already an iPhone user, all of your existing contacts etc. should be stored on iTunes, so plug your new phone in and sync them over! If you’ve already got an iPod Touch, iPad or a Mac running Mountain Lion, it will even sync your contacts, reminders, calendar items, notes and even documents and pictures, provided you have the right software on your Mac and iOS devices.

Once you’ve got your contacts, apps, music, documents and emails sorted, you’re good to go!

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