How to improve your iPhone battery life in 10 easy steps

There’s never a convenient time to run out of battery but you’ll be pleased to know there are some useful steps you can action to help make your iPhone battery life last longer!

1. Low power mode

Switch to low power mode at the start of the day or if you notice your battery life rapidly decreasing then that’s an ideal time to activate it. Here’s how to set your iPhone to low power mode:

-Low power mode

2. Update iOS

Keeping the iOS updated is a multipurpose fix when you’re experiencing minor issues therefore it’s worthwhile doing Apple’s operating system updates to help fix bugs and glitches. Sometimes just doing a simple update can fix a pesky problem.

3. Apps

Find those culprit apps draining your battery! You can do this by going to:


Then scroll down to see which apps are the biggest battery consumers.

4. Reduce brightness

If your iPhone is set to the maximum brightness then obviously it will absorb your battery. You can dim the brightness of your phone’s display and if you feel you need to alter it to brighter you can always do so as and when necessary. Simply go into ‘Settings’ then ‘Display & Brightness’ and adjust accordingly.

5. Auto-lock

If your phone isn’t set to auto-lock then it’s consuming unnecessary power. Within settings you can decide how soon your phone goes to auto-lock.

To help improve your battery life set auto-lock to 30 seconds or 1 minute.

You can do this by:

-Display & Brightness

6. Airplane mode

The best time to set your phone to Airplane mode is if you’re at a location with poor signal, because your phone will try clinging onto your signal at the sacrifice of your battery. When in Airplane mode you won’t be able to get online, make or receive calls or texts or anything else which requires the internet or signal. However you can still use WiFi if Airplane mode is activated.

7. Turn off Bluetooth

Bluetooth is renowned for draining battery life so keep it turned off unless it’s needed for connecting to a wireless device e.g. headphones.

8. Notification Centre

If you notice notifications popping up on your screen throughout the day this can add up to a lot of battery consumption if each alert lasts for 10 seconds or so!

To change which notifications you receive go to:


Within notifications you’ll see a list of all of your apps. If you press on each one individually you can then decide whether or not you wish to receive notifications from that particular app.

9. Stop Push email

Push eats up a load of power in comparison to Fetch. If it’s not necessary for you to know each time an email comes through then turn off Push: Settings > Mail > Accounts and press on ‘Fetch New Data’ and turn ‘Push’ to Off. You can opt to Fetch your emails at specific interims or manually so you only grab emails when you choose to. Fetch less frequently for improved battery life.

10. Siri

Siri can put a strain on battery life as it’s constantly listening out for “Hey Siri.” If you don’t use Siri then it’s best to turn it off. Simply go into Settings, select Siri and make sure Siri is turned off.

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